Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fiorina's Opportunity vs Boxer Dependence

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One of the great ideals our country holds dear is independence. We broke free from England . The American dream of succeeding on your own terms, live and let live, own your own home. I think that this ideal of independence is at the heart of much of the political debate and voting choices offered this year. 

I woke up this morning and read that "Fiorina says she wants others to be able to rise to success." That got me to thinking. Opportunity is different than dependence. Opportunity is independence and a government bailout or program is dependence. Independence is freedom, while dependence is servitude. Isn't that what we are being asked to vote on? Do I want a candidate and a government that seeks to free me or make me dependent? 

One candidate, Fiorina, believes that the government makes the American dream too hard for too many  people. The other candidate, Boxer, believes the government needs to do more to "help those people out." Boxer voted for and still believes in the Obama bail out. Fiorina  is against the bailout. 

The Obama bailout that Barbara Boxer still backs helped big business, banks and car makers, not the American people. We, as American tax payers will be enslaved to that debt for the rest of our lives and will pass it on to our children just as the last government ponzi-scheme (Social-Security) has been passed down to us. Is that freedom? Not in my book!

Fiorina understands that California and the United States needs freedom from government shackles, not more.   Let me end with this thought. As compassionate and humanistic as welfare sounds, is it? Do people on welfare stay on welfare or move on to success? I have worked with students and families from LA projects for over 20 years, and the projects are living testaments that the welfare system only serves to keep down those it professes to help.

So, do you want freedom or government dependence? Vote for freedom.  Vote for Carly Fiorina!
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