Saturday, June 4, 2011

Loose Cannon Fire for 6 4 11

A cannon explodes aboard USS PresidentImage via Wikipedia
Ready, aim, FIRE...

When a "progressive" says "reform" that only means they want people to THINK it's a positive thing.
Would letting in anyone help everyone?
Who wouldn't claim amnesty?
If there isn't enough jobs for everyone now, why allow more, except to gain votes?

Of course someone from la Times would think it's right on, they think a greater tax burden would help too.

Too little and way too late!!
The POTUS should of been dealing with this mess when he first became President. After all, he did boast that if HE was President he would lower gas prices to near $2.00 per gallon if not lower!
He did burden the entire country with a health care plan and bail outs that have indentured generations to pay for his brand of Hope and Change. What has changed? Every part of my health care has doubled. I pay almost double for gas. I have to live on less, or work more to maintain the same standard of living I had before Obama came into office.

Reality check. Which side wants the other side wiped off the map?
Giving anything to the Palestinians in exchange or hope for peace is like giving money to extortionists in the hope that they will not continue to extort you.
Trying to deal with terrorist groups like Hamas, who runs the Palistinian government, by offering land for peace, is like giving a drug addict one last hit because they promise to never ask again.

Good for Chiang! Let's see if those brainless surgeons in Sactown can actually balance the budget without enslave us with more taxes.
Something has to give and it should not be working peoples money.

John Edwards didn't break the law?
When you don't believe you will one day answer to THE JUDGE, the truth is only what you can manipulate it to be.
The leftist press? Thanks for manipulated truth at its' best.
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Friday, June 3, 2011

Flush 'em Friday: The 6 3 11 Edition

New dual flush toiletsImage by Fun with Fred via Flickr
This weeks list of people, things or ideas that need to be flushed...
  • Spammers, all kinds
  • Rep. Anthony Weiner for turning a problem into a crisis and then having the nerve to say that people just want him to do his job
  • Anyone who tries to blame Andrew Brietbart for Weinergate
  • Janice Hahn and her blame the rich tax us all waste the money to buy votes brand of politics
  • Frank McCourt for messing up the Dodgers
  • Jamie McCourt for being such a money grabbing house hording wench 
  • Chevy Volt dealers for taking the tax credit the was supposed to go to buyers and then inflating the prices!
  • Chevy for being part of "Government Motors"
  • The IRS for not nailing the car dealers
  • skinny jeans
  • vegetarian burgers
  • people who talk during a movie
  • 70 year old men who dye their hair to look younger
  • people who text while driving
That's about it for this week...any nominees?
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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Playing With Other People's Money

Play MoneyImage by mandiberg via Flickr
The funny thing about other people's money or money you didn't earn is that for most people it's like play money or funny money. Unfortunately, for may many politicians, playing with our hard earned taxes is just playing with funny money. If they run out many politicians think they'll just print more, tax more, or borrow more. 

I commend the Republicans for rejecting the proposal to raise the debt limit. The only problem is that Republican leader Eric Cantor said, "there is no support in the People’s House for a debt limit increase without real spending cuts and binding budget process reforms." So, does that mean Eric Cantor and many Republicans would agree to raise the debt ceiling if certain conditions are met? This is what frightens me about politicians, they say things but do another. They say what people want to hear but play with money like it will never run out. Some people want to hear that the debt ceiling will not rise because they know debt is debt. Other people just want to hear that certain programs will be funded and how it happens matters not. Eric just  pandered to both. He is saying no more debt but leaving room for it if certain "real" cuts happen. 

My message to all politicians: NO DEBT. REDUCE THE BONDAGE OF DEBT!
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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

No Tax Tuesday: Government Tax Cheats: The 5 31 11 Edition

Exterior of the Internal Revenue Service offic...Image via Wikipedia
It never ceases to amaze me how government programs in the end only serve as a means for some to try and cheat the system. John Ransom does a great job of describing the greed.
The Democrats’ predilection for “stimulating” the economy with tax credits that redistribute wealth, instead of tax cuts that preserve wealth, has created conditions of rampant fraud amongst government agencies including the IRS, government sponsored corporations, like General Motors (aka Government Motors), and individual tax filers according to several recent reports from the federal government and government watchdog groups.
Follow to read the whole story.

So why does a tax break or "incentive" turn out to be a way for people to try and cheat their way to a fast buck? Because career politicians don't normally take into consideration the mannishness of man(kind). Meaning that we as humans have a propensity for both good and evil. Adding to this ability of humans to be good and evil is the moral relativism  that guides the thinking processes of the modern mind. The end can justify the means. It's not wrong if you really needed the money...

Before I really go off on a tangent I would like to encourage you to read the whole article and to hold your elected officials accountable by your vote.