Friday, March 4, 2011

Flush 'em Friday 3 4 11 Edition

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Happy Flush 'em Friday everybody! It's time to call out the people and things who need to be flush right out! So, here is the list as I see it for Friday, March 4, 2011.

The half page fold over ad things on my daily newspaper they I have to move to see what I really want to read.

Idiots who wear Che Guevara t-shirts. Che Guevara was a thug and would shoot your mother in the head before shooting you if you disagreed with him. 

Charlie Sheen for being his age and acting 20 stupid something. As usual, the idiot is apparently unaware that everyone else knows he is an idiot. 

LAUSD and all other school districts for attempting to hold on to more teacher than are needed and now having to cut many more than needed loose. 

LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa for falling off his bike and then becoming a bike riders advocate. 

Unions for not knowing when enough is way more than enough. 

Now it is your turn. Please leave me your Flush 'em Friday addition.

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

What is the difference in protests? Unions or free speech.

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Many moons ago I was in San Francisco. A street preacher was preaching away. I stopped and listened for a moment. He actually was getting a point across without just yelling at every passer by that they were going to hell. I had to go so I said, "God bless you, brother!" He turned to me and gave me the middle finger. I guess he was used to being heckled or had been in the sun too long.

Today I read about some folks protesting at funerals. (See ) Whether I agree with someones beliefs are not may not dictate if I like their style or method of delivery. Now, I do consider myself a Christian. I have learned that if someone does not want to hear something, they won't, no matter how it is delivered. I believe the Bible does say that if I have the voice of an angel but do not have love I am a just clanging cymbal. Even if a agreed with the protesters on some points of truth, I totally disagree with their method of communication. Love conquers all.

What I find equally disturbing is the remarkable similarity to the union protesters in Michigan and to this fringe group of "believers". Why doesn't "the press" question the motives of liberal protesters (which are usually paid  organizers)?
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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

No Tax Tuesday: No More Needed 3 2 11

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Welcome to another round of "No Tax Tuesday." Today I wonder why California's elected officials, such as our (I am embarrassed to say that) Governor, approach the state budget the way they do. Rather than start from what the state has, also know as actual, real revenue in the form of taxes and fees, our state legislature and governor start from what they want to spend. Then they tax the life out of the serfs also known as citizens, you and me. 

In real life if I want a brand new Porsche but I do not have the money to purchase said Porsche, for which there is no substitute, I can not have it. It does not matter how much I need it or deserve it or am entitled to it. Not enough money, no Porsche. My government, on the other hand, still goes out and buys the Porsche. When the bill is due and there is not enough money to pay for the Porsche what does my government do? They ask me and you to pay for it.

Governor Jerry Brown is gearing up to ask Californian's to pay more, and pay more. California does not need to raise more tax revenue. California needs to live within its' means, start the budget process from what we have and decide what can be afforded. No more taxes are needed. 

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Monday, February 28, 2011

Yep, that's LA Disunified...I mean LAUSD

LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 14:  Superintendent of...Image by Getty Images via @daylife
You know, sometimes you know in the back of your head that something is true, but, you just kind of ignore it because it seems too ridiculous. Well, the state of California and LAUSD have shown that truth is sometimes more insane that fiction. 

In the LA Times an article ran...
L.A. Unified set to renew charter contract despite evidence of cheating
The director of Crescendo charters, which operates six campuses south of downtown L.A., directed principals and teachers to let students study the actual exam questions on important standardized tests.,0,2723836,full.story  )
I "knew it" but to have the reality confirmed is stunning. What is stunning is not that some fool "executive director" had principals (who should know better) tell their teachers to cheat. Having worked for "the district" I, sadly, am not at all surprised by this since I have experienced the process by which they select their leaders.  What is even more appalling is that the state and LAUSD are willing to renew the charter on a slap of the hand and ethics training!

John Allen the ethically challenged "executive director" who order the principals to order their teachers to cheat is still making over $160,000.00 a year! The principals were suspended for 10 days. What about the brainless surgeons who run the state and LAUSD? Shouldn't they be punished for allowing these clowns to continue? 
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