Friday, May 6, 2011

Flush 'em Friday: The 5 6 11 Edition

New dual flush toiletsImage by Fun with Fred via Flickr
Welcome to the 5 6 11 Edition of 
Flush 'em Friday!

This week nominees are:
  • Snooty food servers at chain restaurants. 
  • People who wear crocs 
  • Anyone wishing to appease radical terrorist groups
  • Terrorist groups
  • Pakistan for housing and sheltering Osama Bin Laden and then attacking like they didn't know
  • The Obama administrations spin-doctors for doctoring the account of the snatch and kill operation (which I approve) of Osama Bin Laden. Just state the facts; we went in, snatched and shot his skinny asterisk and his carcass out of Pakistan. Justice served. Next!
  • Gas prices and the current administration for having policies that do not keep them down. 
  • J.H. & J. J.
  • Jerry Brown for being Jerry Brown
  • Those who voted for Jerry Brown and expect me to pay for it.
Who would you like to Flush this fine Friday?

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Spike the Football Mr. President

TouchdownImage by Hjelle via Flickr
I guess the President is worried about how Muslims or others around the world might perceive the United States of America if he showed the pictures of a dead, shot in the head, Osama Bin Laden. Too late. Who cares. And what is it we want or enemies and allies to think about us?

Going in, snatching OBL from his very well built palace/hideout/compound sent a pretty clear message. Somehow, someday, we will get you and get the justice we desire. Talk all you want. One day we'll get you and your family. 

Here's the deal: The radical Muslim world, much of the world that does not believe in freedom hates America simply because we exist. All they need to know is that if they mess with the US they and their family with them will pay the price. There is no reasoning with people who hate. 

Theodore Roosevelt said, "Walk softly and carry a big stick." The USA is a wonderful ally but an fearful enemy. No cave, no crevice is small enough to hide in.  That's all they need to know.

So, Mr. President, spike the ball!

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

No Tax Tuesday: Things I Should Not Pay Taxes On 5 3 11 Edition

Death & Taxes (film)Image via Wikipedia
Happy No Tax Tuesday one and all! This fine post Bin Laden Tuesday I would like to rant a bit about things I should not pay taxes on. Yes, we should pay taxes, but, taxes like the government should be minimal. And of course by I, I mean we. 

#1. I should not have to pay taxes on food of any kind, because food is a necessity. 

#2. I should not have to pay taxes on clothes, because clothes are a necessity. And every women out there, whether conservative or liberal, knows that each outfit needs matching shoes.

#3. I should not have to pay taxes on household utilities, because they are a necessity. 

#4. I should not have to pay taxes on the internet. Let one place be a haven from the sticky hands of government. The internet is everywhere but nowhere, everyones yet no ones. 

#5. I should not have to pay taxes on books for education. Mostly because they are so bloody expensive as it is. 

#6. I should not have to pay taxes on any money I get back from my tax return because I already paid taxes on it when it was collected as a tax in the first place. That's just the government double dipping on my money. 

So, there you have it, my rant for today. What about you? What don't you think you should have to pay taxes on? 
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Monday, May 2, 2011

Hi Ho the Turban Head is Dead!

Outside of White House after death of Osama bi...Image by Chris.M.G. via Flickr
Dead - one self-proclaimed terrorist, Osama Bin Laden.

Last night I heard the news that Osama Bin Laden was dead and his body was in American possession. It took me a few minutes to really believe it.  I watched as thousands of people, mostly younger gathered at the White House, Ground Zero and Times Square to celebrate. I wished there was a place in LA where we could go. 

I suggest that President Obama cut off the head of Bin Laden and display it at his feet to show the world he is dead and you don't mess with the US. Some may find that offensive, but, remember that we are dealing with chieftain terrorists who would fully understand the message that Osama Bin Laden's severed head at the feet of the American President would send. 

The only death in the raid outside of Bin Laden and his men was a women used as a shield! That tells you the value these radical Muslims place on women. Not, to mention the cowards they truly are. 

Thank you President Bush that 10 years ago you led with commitment and told us the truth that we were in it for the long hall.