Friday, April 22, 2011

Flush 'em Friday: The 4 22 11 Edition Turns 10Image via Wikipedia
Good Friday to you all! All thanks to the One who gave Himself for us!

Who makes the Flush 'em Friday this week?

Politically -

  • Any politician who votes to raise the debt level which = more debt for you and me to pay off
  • Politicians who won't make the hard choices and deal with run away cost of programs like Social Security, Welfare and Medicaid 
  • The POTUS for clogging up traffic here in LA during PM and AM high traffic times , for asking for more money to run again, and for acting like he is doing a good job as the President
  • Jerry Brown for again even thinking about asking me to pay more for him to do less. TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY!!!
  • NATO for being the self-serving yet useless entity they are and not being able to remove or even budge Moammar Gaddafi

Also rans -

  • Martin Bashir (and his pathetic accent) of MSNBC for being the pseudo-journalist liberal propagandist flunky that he is
  • People who smoke but put their cigarette as far away from themselves as they can after taking a drag 
Somebody tell me who THEY want to Flush this Friday!
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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The POTUS Hopes for More Than Change at Fundraisers

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So I wake up this off-shore flow morning in So Cal to read the head-line in la times,

"Obama's visit expected to cause traffic delays in Los Angeles".

He will arrive in time to mess with the already awful afternoon traffic and will stay until he can enjoy and maybe wreak a little havoc on tomorrow's morning traffic.  Sensitive man that he is (?) he will be affecting both local businesses and Holy Thursday activities at the nearest Catholic church. 

Is the POTUS here to talk to local politicians about the needs of Los Angeles citizen's? Is he here to check out federal funds are being doled out for education or welfare? Is he here to discuss human rights issues or freedom of religion?  No.

The president is here in LA to...get money to run for president again. Maybe he can squeeze in a round of golf at Bel-Aire? 
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

No Tax Tuesday: Why Pay More for Less? 4 19 11 Edition

WALLET GRAB!Image by Pomax via Flickr
Happy No Tax Tuesday the 4 19 11 Edition! Today I ask the question why pay more for less?

Why should I pay more taxes and have less to live on? Why does my government need more money to do less with? Why does any Senator or Representative sent to Washington on my behalf even entertain the idea that I, the ordinary working citizen can afford to live on less? 

The idea of higher taxes means I need to make more money to maintain the same standard of living I currently exist on. Anyone who believes that I should live on less, for any reason is an arrogant dictator want-to-be. Not to mention just a jerk. Who is anyone to dictate by law the forceful removal the fruit of another persons' labor? And for what? What is our government doing with this money?

Why should I pay more taxes and have less to live on? Why does my government need more money to do less with? Why does any Senator or Representative sent to Washington on my behalf even entertain the idea that I, the ordinary working citizen can afford to live on less? Traffic is a nightmare, potholes are now visible from space and some are receiving names! Education is held captive to the federal government elitist who do nothing but offer races to the toilet.

Back to my original question. If the government wants me to have a lower standard of living they should offer a pretty amazing reason or return for said "investment". I'm waiting....

What happened to President Obama's great leadership on gasoline prices? During the election he boasted that if he became President he'd have the prices below $3.00 a gallon, even around $2.00 per gallon. I guess he meant "$2.00 X 2". Where is the totally non-bias media on this issue? Hypocritical worthless puppets of the left.

So, I urge all voters to vote no to any raise in taxes or fees because why should we live on less while the government morphs into an even larger parasite. 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sometimes Making Time is the Only Way to Spend Time

Gray whale - Eschrichtius robustus - at Scammo...Image via Wikipedia
Yesterday, I went on a hike with my son and his Cub Scout Pack on the Ocean Trails at Trump National Golf Course. The weather was just right for a nice hike and the sites were awesome. As we arrived at the shore line after hiking down the trail a Pacific Gray Whale was cruising around the bay not 100 yards from shore! I told my son to watch the whale and he said, "I saw it. Cool." and proceeded  (with the rest of the boys) to throw rocks into the oncoming waves and run from them as they chased the boys from the shore line. 

The boys also spotted a dead seal, several critters in the tide pools, a lizard or two, rabbits, birds and the guide point out the fauna. Then when we got to the end of the hike the boys played tag and hide and go seek at the park. Myself and the other parents just relaxed and watch the kids enjoy themselves. 

Here is the point. As parents we all try to spend time (quantitative and qualitative) with our children, but, sometimes unless we plan the time and make the time we don't always get to have that time with our children. So, I find it really cool to be able to spend time with my son doing something he will enjoy and remember without the high stress or cost. I scheduled the event months ago and put it on the Packs calendar. If I would not of done that we probably would of just sat at home.

Often, we as parents, make sure our children are involved in sports and other activities, which is good. What I am thankful for about the Cub Scout is that family is part of the program.
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