Friday, June 14, 2013

Adam Kennedy, Bill Maher, John Boehner, David Ignatius on Flush 'em Friday the 6 14 13 Edition

Welcome to Flush 'em Friday! It's time to flush those who deserve to go down the drain! This week's nominees are:

David Ignatius, so called journalist opinion writer for the Washington Post. If he actually cared about the rule of law he'd be dedicating every waking moment to the removal of BO the POTUS. But, since he is nothing more than a propagandist for the left, he neither thinks nor cares.

Speaker John Boehner, for pushing such a wishy-washy cave-in of an immigration bill. Show a little backbone boy!

Bill Maher, for being such a punk. Really, Billy? Calling Sarah Palin's special needs son retard in an attempt to get a laugh? Say it to his father's face you spineless little little almost a man, I dare you. It's one thing to be jerk, but you didn't have to prove it, we already knew.

ANYONE who laughed at Bill Maher's comment about Sarah Palin's son. Well if you're dumb enough to go to his show, you're dumb enough to laugh at his senseless humor. You probably laugh when someone drops a few f-bombs because they can't actually be funny otherwise. Pathetic little people with so little self worth. 

And finally, Adam Kennedy for throwing at Grienke's head. It's OK, next time Puig will take you yard. 

OK, you tell me, who needs a flushing?