Saturday, August 27, 2011

Loose Cannon Fire: Shovel Ready the 8 27 11 Edition

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What follows are some quotes that just sort of stuck out to me...

But hating the Tea Party for being so insistent and single-minded in its focus on cutting spending is like hating a fire hall siren for calling attention to a potentially devastating blaze. And blaming the S&P downgrade on Tea Party-backed House Republicans makes about as much sense as blaming a raging fire on the 911 dispatcher. -  Jeff Jacoby (Town Hall)

I've heard more than 20 years of this oppressive windbaggery from do-gooder liberals who treat my unhyphenated American brothers and sisters and me as treacherous puppets for The Man. Their smug refusal to acknowledge free will, individual choice and true diversity of thought confirms that race-obsessed liberals remain the most unrepentant and odious racists of all. - Michelle Malkin (Town Hall)

I don’t know if you saw this with all the news yesterday. Illinois lost 89,000 jobs since enacting the largest tax increase in the history of the state, as reported by the Illinois Policy Institute.
It was the largest job loss of any state in the nation. - Jeff Carter (Town Hall Finance)

“Under my plan to reform healthcare,” says candidate Obama under this hypothetical, “we’ll imprison anyone who doesn’t buy health insurance. And to enforce the requirement we will put 16,500 more IRS agents on the street.” -John Ransom

Under my plan for economic growth and recovery,” says our hypothetical candidate Obama, “we won’t even pass budgets. We’ll run up historic deficits and raise the debt ceiling, something that I condemned my opponents for. But we’ll do it without any systematic support or budget process.” John Ransom

“A successful campaign will heavily focus on the radical, do-nothing Republican Congress. That will resonate with people,” said Robert Creamer, a strategist for the progressive Americans United for Change. “Most [Americans] believe Obama shares their values and their concerns, and where he has failed them is his effectiveness to improve the economy. It seems to me the case the campaign needs to make is that that failure is a consequence of the damage created by Republicans and the refusal of Congress to take the necessary steps that he proposed for the economy.” = the biggest load of crap I have heard.

Feel free to add to the shrapnel....
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Friday, August 26, 2011

Flush 'em Friday: Long Socks and High Shorts: The 8 26 11 Edition

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Happy Flush 'em Friday! It is time again to list those and that which deserve to be flushed down the old porcelain thrown.

The nominiees for this week are as follows:

  • People who wear long socks with high shorts.
  • Maxine Waters for hating the Tea Party almost as much as she hates her own people. How can someone who has done so little stay so long?
  • The CONCACAF ref at the Galaxy game last night. I think they took a little too much off the top when they cut his hair.
  • People who actually believe that  global warming is the cause for civil wars. Maybe, has Al Gore spoken in any of those countries?
  • Geocachers who don't maintain their caches.
  • Moammar Gaddafi and all other oil financing dictators...
  • E.J. Dionne Jr. for believing that dumb luck = good foreign policy.
  • Smokers in general but specifically those who hold their cigarette as far from their face as they can but closer to mine.
  • Eugene Robinson for not admitting that "social justice" policies as engineered by liberals and Democrats for the past 40 to 50 years is holding many minorities, especially blacks, in plantations known as projects and THAT is more harmful than any other policy ever.
  • The NBA lockout has got to end.
That's all folks!
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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

No Tax Tuesday:Where Are All The Green Jobs 8 23 11 Edition

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Where are all the green jobs I heard both President Obama and California Governor Brown talk about "investing" in? I might even ask, "Where are any jobs?" That's what many of his own people (since he doesn't consider the half the raised him part of himself) are asking. Even Representative Maxine Waters (who has done squat divided by three for her people) wants to know where the jobs are? 

I decided to check out these so called green jobs. I went to . There are quite a few headings under the  "Green Jobs Guidebook" section. Let's check them out and see what hope someone might have now that we have had a few years of real change. Under Low Carbon Power and Renewable Power there was one job for a Power System Operator and Instructor with a salary of $25 - $30 per hour. There was no minimum education required, no recommended college course work, but a High Level of experience needed: 10 years of progressively responsible and with 5 years in control room operations and 3 years as a Senior Shift Power System Operator. For the Solar Power and Photo voltaic (PV) Systems position there is a "Sorry, there were no jobs that met your query" response. When there is a "job" description it is described as Growth Potential, but, I have trouble finding the actual links to actual job applications. 

Where are these jobs? Where are any jobs? I did hear that the POTUS is going grant a Spanish company, Abegnoa Bioenergy,  $134 million in loan guarantees that will created 65 jobs. Palin says that is $134,000,000 /65= $2,061,538.46 per job. Now, just for fun let's extrapolate that a bit. For every 1,000 jobs that would be an investment of $2,061,538,460.00. After that the numbers get a bit much for my tiny calculator. Besides the obvious question, "Why not an American company?", how about 1,000's of real jobs that might actually help actual Americans? 

I'll bet that if you gave $2,000,000 to 1,000 Americans at least 10% of them would create businesses that would employ more that 65 people. I'll bet that if you gave 65 Americans the $2,000,000 at least 10% of them would create businesses that would employ more than 65 people! 

Give me $2,000,000 to create jobs...

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