Thursday, January 27, 2011

Is a Trillion Enough?

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OK folks, I've been very busy (I know, we all have) and I haven't been able to sit down to put any thoughts on paper. But, I'll give it a shot today.

I listened to the President's State of the Union Address the other night and wondered if he was saying he was actually going to do anything differently. He boldly said he would veto any earmarks and his own party pretty much said they would still put them in. The POTUS still talked about investment when we clearly need to evaluate the past "investments", stop "investing" in "investments" that show no positive return. 

Remember Wild Bill Clinton's war on smoking? I guess it had no real affect on Barack Obama. Now. President Obama wants to consolidate government agencies. Good, I agree. But, that will not have any significant affect on the cost of government. The only thing that will bring down the cost will be by instituting spending limits on entitlement programs. Sorry folks, but Social Security, Welfare and Medicare are out of control, literally. Obama's call to consolidate a few government agencies is as meaningless as Clinton's war on smoking. It sounded good but ddin't stop any future Presidents from smoking . 

Then this morning my local paper reads, "Deficit to hit a chilling $1.5T." Obama's plan: raise the debt limit. Did you catch that? RAISE THE DEBT LIMIT!! So, my "brilliant" President's solution to crushing, enslaving, mortifying debt is to make a way to borrow more? Now, he will sell it as "investment" but. let's be real, the "investments" this administration has put our hard earned money into have been nothing short of disastrous. Yet, President Obama still wants to pretty much stay on the same course. 

At least my Lakers seem to be getting it together. 
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