Saturday, April 30, 2011

PTVoice's Loose Cannon Fire 4 30 11

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Just a little shrapnel from reading the fish-wrap and blogs....

How about the unions? Why isn't la Times asking about union donations?
Flaming hypocrites...

I'm all for not leaving a mess and I don't like smog, but, the arrogance of these people who thing "they" can change the climate? They can't even change their mind.

Tax the rich? Can't you come up with a better line than that?
I am not rich, but, you can only tax "the rich" so much, which we do. Plus, in the end it is the working class that get hit the hardest by taxes.
If there is no money, or not enough money, even union workers need to realize that adjustment should be made. I belong to a union so, I get it. The unions should be demanding that cuts made transparently and appropriately.
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Friday, April 29, 2011

Flush 'em Friday: The 4 29 11 Edition

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Happy Flush 'em Friday Everyone!

Let's get to it. This week I would like to flush the following...

  • People who talk to you while you are obviously trying to do something else.
  • People who ask to borrow a buck or two, like everyday
  • Frank McCourt and his ex-wife (they know why)
  • Jeff (you know too)
  • The POTUS for not getting us out of Afghanistan already
  • Jerry Brown for having nothing but more taxes up his sleeve
  • 75 year old men who die their hair jet black
  • Anyone wanting to raise the national debt limit (stupid is as stupid does)
  • Managers who manage by threats
  • The POTUS for making crazy claims while running for office yet dodging them now and blaming Republicans, "rich" people, and anybody but himself.
  • Republicans who vote for more taxes
All right then, I dare you to leave me something to add...
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Thursday, April 28, 2011

How useless does Ted think you are?

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Last night as I was watching the late night news an alarming report caught my attention.  It seems Ted Lieu, California State Assemblyman, is proposing a law that would make it illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to use a tanning salon.

No, I'm not lying. Ted Lieu who easily won his seat in the last election, wants to protect people under the age of 18 from the dangers of the tanning salon. 

I will at this point let it be know that I did not vote for Ted Lieu. 

Don't drink, drive, tan or run with those who do. I guess that's Ted's philosophy. That's the liberal agenda. No salt, no Happy meals, and no tanning. Ted seems to think that I, as a parent, can not make informed decisions with my children's best interest in mind. This is a perfect example of where liberal ideology links to socialism with an all-powerful state and ruling class acting as big brother. The liberal argument, under the guise of "well don't you think (fill in the blank) is bad for people?" is how the liberals take away freedom of choice, something they claim to champion.  

Now, I try to  monitor my salt intake, I don't let my children live off of Happy Meals, I don't smoke, and I have never used a tanning salon. But, if I want some more salt, if my I want to rip through  McD's and grab a few Happy Meals, if I want to light up a victory cigar, or if I ever get the hankering to look like a piece of toast, that is MY choice and MY business,NOT Ted Lieu's and NOT the governments. 

And by-the-way, why is Ted Lieu wasting time on tanning salons when his state needs jobs? 
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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

No Tax Tuesday 4 26 11 Edition

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Happy No Tax Tuesday to one and all!

I gave my children some money the other day and it was interesting to see what they did with it. They wanted to go spend it! ASAP! My son wanted to go to Toys R Us and my daughter to the mall. It's funny how easy it is to spend "free" money.

A few years ago someone I knew was on welfare and they bought a TV. I told a friend of mine that that bothered me. My friend thought that even people on welfare should be able to have a TV. Really? Welfare money spent on TVs?

I grew up in a culture, which I believe was the culture our country was founded upon, that says, "If a man doesn't work, he doesn't eat." When I (and my brother, sisters and cousins) where 16 we were told, "You pay for your own clothes now. If you want to go somewhere, you may, if you pay with your own money." So, at the age of 16 if we wanted new clothes or to go somewhere we got a job, earned money and began to become independent. We were taught that welfare was only for those who could not work and we should never burden others with our problems. So, when I see someone on welfare who could work spending money, my money via taxes, like for a TV, I have an issue with that. 

Taxes extracted from those who work should be for those who can not work. One reason I despise the liberal ideal of the redistribution of wealth is simple. Why should I have less for my family? Why is someone who does not work  entitled to what I must work for?  

Taxes for TVs? No. Get a job and buy your own.
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Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Monday!

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Happy Monday to anyone!

Did you ever notice that a positive comment on a Monday morning to a co-worker is kind of taken as a near curse? To me, every day is a choice. I choose to find a way to enjoy this day. Yes, it is an effort to get out of bed. Yes, it is sort of like starting a cold engine. Yes, I did hit the snooze button, once. Yes, everyone is a bit groggy.

But, today, like any day will be filled with circumstances I need to respond to. My response, which I can choose, will determine how I "feel" about today.

So, may you have a Happy Monday, whether you want one or not ;)
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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

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Remember the day of the Risen Lord.

There is no risen Budda.
There is no risen Mohammed.
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