Friday, April 25, 2014

Michael Pineda, Lois Lerner, Harry Reid on Flush 'em Friday the 2 25 14 edition

Happy Flush 'me Friday! Time to send some well deserving turds down the old drain.

Michael Pineda - pine tar on your neck? Really? That was the best place you could think of putting it?

Harry Reid - because contrary to his delusional and tenuous grasp on reality, he does not know what a terrorist looks like.

Verizon Wireless - first they insult me with their  $30 "thank you for staying with Verizon Wireless" fee. Then they take away my unlimited data for a "share everything" (translation = share less) plan. Now they're sniping my information to give it businesses so they can inundate me with crap they believe I would buy. If the other carriers didn't suck so bad I'd switch before I went to bed.

Lois Lerner -  apparently she thought being the head of the exemption division at the IRS made her exempt from the rule of law. Does she really think taking the fifth means claiming why you think you are innocent and then not allowing anyone to ask you questions? Can you imagine the precedent that would set? Every two-bit hood will want to tell the jury why they are innocent and then take the fifth.

I'd like to say more about the IRS, BLM, Eric a Holder, the Dodgers bullpen, reality TV shows...but, for now, I'll take the fifth.