Thursday, November 17, 2011

Flush 'em Friday: Apps and the OWS the 11 18 11 Edition

It's another Flush 'em Friday and their are some candidates who need a good ol' whirly-twirly.

  • Both the owners and players of the NBA. What's a few billion between friends?
  • Romance novels. 
  • Auto insurance commercials. In the words of my high school business ed. teacher, "Insurance companies are not your friends. They're just betting on your life, and they won't lose."
  • OWS and people who actually believe the "protesters" actually have a point besides the top of their heads.
  • Penn State Football...Sandunsky, Paterno, the whole lot of them...evil can never be tolerated.
  • Revisionist history...why do some feel the need to manipulate the truth except to deceive those who believe it?
  • Jerry Brown...tough decisions or just plain stupidity?
  • Apps that I can't move to my SD card.
Somebody  what to add one or two?