Tuesday, October 19, 2010

No Tax Tuesday: Why Vote for More Taxes?

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Happy No Tax Tuesday to you all. The question for the day is: Why vote for a party that's only answer to any problem is to tax us more? The absurdity is that although they always claim it is about everyone "paying their fair share" and "investing" in the future it is really just about the "redistribution of wealth." The problem is I am not wealthy and the money just goes to an ever growing government bureaucracy.

Jerry Brown keeps babbling about Meg Whitman wanting to help herself out by wanting to curb the capital gains tax. I don't know if J Brown knows this, but, you do not have to be "rich" to pay capital gains taxes. To me, the less you make the more it hurts to have to pay a capital gains tax. I mean, why should someone making $30k or less a year have to pay taxes on the measly 2.squat interest they get on their personal savings account? That is big government greed and political deception.

How about the death tax? One source says the annual average for a 4 person family is about $63k a year. So, you "invest" in your home and leave it to your children. The government has a right to up to 40% of your estate. Again, I ask, wouldn't that hurt the average American more than the "rich"? Of course, but, the Democrats are screaming bloody murder that taxation is about making the "rich" pay their fair share.

Everyday I drive my car to work just like many working Americans. Once a week, maybe more or less depending on how fortunate you are to work near home or not. About $0.63 per gallon goes to taxes. Again, I ask, does $25 look bigger to the average working American or to the "rich"? I can do a lot with $25. By the way, I have nothing against people who make more money than me.

The point today on No Tax Tuesday is that the Democrats always proclaim that the taxes they plan to levee on Americans will be on "the rich" not the average American. The truth is that taxes always punish the middle and lower classes the most, not matter how sanctimoniously the Democrats proclaim that they must tax the rich.  So, who do you want representing you?
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