Saturday, January 15, 2011

Loose Cannon Fire 1 15 11 Edition

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Just a few shots for fun...

At face value it looks like a good start for Governor Brown.
While campaigning for Governor Brown repeatedly stated that California needed to live within its means.
What are California's means?
Let's see if Gov. Brown will honestly start from the reality of California's means (income), not budget wish list.
Let's see how the Democrat led legislature leads. Will it be responsible to right the ship or will they seek first entitlements to get reelected?

Since J Brown is not a capitalist he isn't worried about the effects of his methodology of budget balancing on businesses and individual jobs. If his cuts and shifts do not open up jobs now more businesses and more jobs will leave California. Maybe Jerry's idea is; if businesses leave there will be less mouths to feed?

What frightens me is the number of Californians who were "smart enough" to vote Jerry in may be "smart enough" to vote for his tax increases. Not too smart.

A tax break for businesses = jobs. Even "Billy the Kid" and such childish thinkers should be able to understand that a state, or country can not tax businesses into job creation and prosperity.
The code word "reform" = deform. For example, the California Tax Reform Assn. really means the California Tax Deform Assn.
Just the facts? 1, 200,000+ jobs have left California since 2005 under the Democratic led state legislature.
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Friday, January 14, 2011

67% Income Tax Increase. Really?

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I just have to say it. What the #$%*!? are these people thinking? In Illinois the state legislature voted to abuse the citizenry by raising the state income tax rate up to 67%! What kind of senseless person thinks that people can live on LESS money than they already are? It looks like most of the representatives we vote in. And what is the payoff for this abuse? More mismanaged government. 

Why should any citizen think that those who have run our government into catastrophic debt and uselessness should be given the power to TAX us anymore? Why would any person with an once of sense even entertain the notion that Americans need to be taxed which is only punishment and abuse, to pay for the foolish use of our tax dollars? We should not. 

The actions of the Illinois legislature is a warning to all America. Beware! The people in government are by and large power hungry want a be despots. We the people are here to serve their political agendas. On this the Tea Party is absolutely spot on. We are Taxed Enough Already! 
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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sarah Palin or Sheriff Dupnick: Sense vs. Sensless

Listen to Sarah

Read about Clarence

You make the call.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Dumping vs. Delegating

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There is a fine line between dumping and delegating. I work with an administrator who fancies himself a great delegator.This past year I have worked with him more closely and have been the recipient of said delegation more than once and I felt more like a victim than a co-worker.

After being left holding the bag and wondering what was in it, I started wondering why this administrator believes he such a whiz at delegation. Which led me to the question of what is the difference between delegation and dumping? I think that when it is just a pile, it's dumping. When it is without direction it is dumping. For example, I was at my desk, just in from another daily project that is time based. In walks said administrator, drops off a problem and leaves. The problem must be dealt with immediately because it is alive, a human being. Since, I must do something I ask the problem what the problem is, knowing this problem won't tell me what the real problem is because that would probably be self incrimination. So, I end up wasting about 45 minutes trying to find accomplices and witnesses while the problem is seated, unproductive. In the meantime, all attempts to reach the dumper for clarification are fruitless because he has more important things to do and is not answering phone calls. That is an example of a dump, not a delegation.

When a good administrator passes something on they empower the recipient with the needed information and direction. Sometimes co-planning is needed where clearly defined goals are set. People who dump do just the opposite by not planning and having unclear goals and thus confusion and irresponsibility on their part. When the inevitable failures occurs the dumper blames the dumpie and deflects all responsibility to the dumpie.  Dumpers are experts at not taking responsibility for failures and blaming others.

Now, my next question is: how do I avoid being the dump site? 
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