Reasons My Good Friends' Wife Believes He Should Worry, and I Should Worry, and You Should Worry

1.     A snake might come up out of the toilet and bite him in the…
2.     While he’s filling up gas, someone could sneak up, open the car door and drive off with it, even though he has the keys.
3.     He might cut his fingers off while he’s cutting up celery, onions, herbs or meat of any kind.
4.     While filling up with gas, he should lock his family in the car because a car/family-jacker might jump in the car and drive off with the car and the family.
5.     Someone might break into their apartment via the second story door in their gated complex.
6.     Driving safely.
7.     The car in front of him (blinking right but looking left).
8.     About giving the jerk that cut him off a dirty look because he might be a gang-banger.
9.     Their second son sneaking out of the house at night, hence the cow-bell on the door.
10.      The neighbors might peak through the 1/16 of an inch crack in the blinds and see him in his Hanes.
11.      The kids might drown in the pool, the lake, or the ocean.
12.      Possibly crashing the car while eating an In-n-Out burger and driving with his knees. 
13.  There might be an earthquake and we could get trapped in the rubble.