Monday, October 18, 2010

Welcome to Obama's Blame Game 2010

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It's amazing. I turn on the news and there is the President of the Untied States of America blaming George W. Bush for all the problems he inherited and that the evil Republicans are the real problem not his failing policies. 

Mr. President, man up and shut up. Is it George W. Bush's fault that the money you gave banks was used by the banks to try to wait out the home mortgage  crisis? No, the President was clearly out of his league when he tried to understand and manipulate the mortgage industry. No real sense of history and no understanding of how the market actually works. The POTUS only thinks naively that he can control the home sales and mortgage industry via his policies. 

Next question; is it George W. Bush's fault and the minority of Republicans in both houses fault that the health care bill YOU crammed through to passage without being read (breaking your own campaign promise), is it their fault that it is already beginning to cripple middle class and lower income, basically every working and non-working American financially? No. By the way, my HMO out of pocket cost already doubled this year, from $10.00 co-pay to $20.00 co-pay per visit. My pharmacy cost went from $5.00 to $10.00 and up. Not to mention the $50..00 to $100.00 emergency room visit hike. And my insurance plan is a good one!

Now, this isn't even mentioning the ghastly team of regulators and the "job" they are doing on Americans without a whisper from the propaganda wing of the left, AKA local news.  Lurita Doan describes one example,
Just last week, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued partial guidance to increase ethanolcontent in gasoline to 15% , even though ethanol’s supposed benefits have been solidly debunked.Studies by the EPA have shown that ethanol increases carbon emissions, drives up costs of corn and food products, hinders engine efficiency, and does little to make our nation more energy independent.
In short, the EPA’s ethanol policy is a ploy, designed to prop up a failed industry, with yet another multi-billion dollar bailout from taxpayers.
What really bothers me about the blame game and lack of integrity, besides the obvious childish pointing of the finger at GW Bush and the Republicans, is the familiarity of the use of a scape-goat. Think about it. What dynamic speaker blamed a group of people and worked up his audiences into a frothing frenzy of blame and hate? Ya. I don't hear alot of HOPE, just blame. Time for the POTUS and his crew to be voted out in mass.

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