Sunday, October 17, 2010

Loose Cannon Fire

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"What's interesting here is that (Parker) is a member of the generation that really gets it," said Stephen Gutwillig, a spokesman for the Drug Policy Alliance, the main beneficiary of Parker's contribution. "We think he's pivotal to the future of drug policy reform in the country."
Reform? Progressives (oxymoron in themselves), liberals and leftists call their ideas reform in hopes that people who are too high to think the issues through will believe they are actually trying to reform society in a positive way.

The beginning of the end of the greatest pyramid scheme ever known to mankind, also known as Social Security, has come upon us. The people can no longer support it, yet, our government still tries to sucker more people into the scam.
Time to get out, even though it's too late to not suffer.

WAY PAST TIME TO BE OUT OF AFGHANISTAN! It is not a winnable war. It is like Vietnam but in the desert.
President Obama, let it go. Stop allowing American soldiers to die!

Wow, I am amazed. Jerry Brown is able to stand before Californians and re-invent himself. He keeps saying he'll be tough. The truth is he could say he'd kill all children under the age of 3 and still half the state would vote for him as blindly as they vote for Boxer and Waters.

Someone please tell Maxine Waters to not speak!
She has kept her district in poverty for decades, done virtually nothing to provide industry and jobs, yet gets re-elected. Her policy: A hand out is better than a hand up.

Brown knows how to sound like he'll do something different, but, every con man knows how to tell you what you want to hear.
The Democrats are running and ruining the state. Over 1.2 million jobs lost since 2005!
Vote for Meg!
Vote for Carly!
Vote for Tran!
Out goes the libs!

If we the people are forced to buy something that's not freedom.
If the government forces us to buy health insurance yet doesn't force price structures then "providers" will just raise prices one way or another. Does that help common people or big business?

We the people will pay for this folly. My co-pay, and pharmacy pay-out doubled already.
Let's hope this judge understands the constitution.

China is kicking our fannies because they are actually produce products.
We, on the other hand, we produce tax codes and health care bills.

"My opponent favors big banks , she's against Wall Street reform," Reid said, adding that her views are sympathetic to big health insurance companies.
Actually, Harry, by forcing EVERY SINGLE PERSON to purchase insurance with out forcing price limits, you are the friend of big business insurance companies. Because now we must buy their product and they can charge what they want. If not, you are just a financial moron.
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