Friday, June 10, 2011

Flush 'em Friday: The 6 10 11 Edition

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Happy Friday and it's time again to offer up this weeks list of flushables.
The following are my list but I would love to have some of your additions!

  • The CEA (Council of Economic Advisors) - for having such great ideas such as bailing out banks &  automakers
  • New Yorkers who support Anthony Weiner
  • Anthony Weiner because it just gets worse and he continues to use the  Bill Clinton "People just want to see me do my job" line.
  • Newt Gingrich for shooting himself in his own foot politically
  • Texting while driving guy/gal
  • People who apply make up while driving
  • Telemarketers
  • Global warming nut-crackers who, like Al Gore and Thomas Friedman live in pretty huge homes
  • Feminists who support Weiners
  • The people in charge of the Maxine Waters ethics trail 
  • Maxine Waters 
  • The Department of Education for being such a money absorbing useless entity 
That's it for this week! 
Who would you like to flush?
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Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Clear Choice, Jobs or No Jobs in the South Bay

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Everyday we are assaulted by advertising that seeks to get us to give up our money to someone else to purchase their product. Nike, Apple, Miller High Life, Old Navy and the list goes on. But, the crime is the government that seeks to take our income and redistribute it to whom or what they believe to be most deserving. 

Here in the South Bay we have two candidates running for Congress. One is a long time politician Janice Hahn and the others is newcomer Craig Huey. Huey surprised the press by beating out Secretary of State Bowen to be in the run-off. Thank goodness! The choice between Hahn and Bowen would of been like choosing between manure and fertilizer for living room flooring. 

In the newspaper this morning was an article about Hahn backtracking on her push for meters in her hometown San Pedro. If she believed in herself she'd stick to her guns and say making some money is better than none. But, the truth is her idea only makes people want to find someplace else to park, thus hurting business. When will voters learn! The way of the Democrats always hurts businesses and kills jobs. Do you want less business and less jobs? Then Janice is your clear choice.

Now on the other side we have Craig Huey. He has had successful businesses and understands how to provide jobs. Craig Huey pledges to limit himself to 3 terms (six years), and keep NO TAXES and NO PORK pledges. This will be one of the clearest choices between candidates that I have ever seen. 

I encourage you to check out his site. If you want to know about Hahn just read the newspaper, they'll be backing her like a 6th grade hanger on.  Who will get your vote? I know who's getting mine!
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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Twitter and the Weiner

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Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive... (Walter Scott)

If he just would of said he did it, or even denied it once and them admitted it, but, to go on a TV show blitz to proclaim his innocence? Then he had to host his own Weiner Roast.

To my friends from Japan: Do you have a Weiner? What do you think is the honorable thing for Representative Weiner to do?

Now about this "character flaw". What does that mean? What I think is that if someone lies about one thing they will lie about another. If his Twitter account was for political purposes and he was using his political standing to solicit exchanges sexual in nature over Twitter then he was using his status as a Representative for personal gain/pleasure. But, we will hear many excuses from liberals about why Rep. Anthony Weiner isn't such a bad guy and even though he has bad judgement personally, on company time, he doesn't necessarily have bad judgement politically and his constituents just want him to get back to Twitter, I mean work, and do a good job. He will get re-elected because we are dealing with the east coast version of Maxine Waters. Neither of there voting base cares about the morals of their leadership just as long as the checks come twice a month.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Ron Paul: What's his point?

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Ron Paul, just what is he trying to accomplish? I try my best to keep an open ear to what different candidates are saying.  It was pitiful to watch Newt shoot himself in the foot while trying to come across as a moderate. Sometimes the double speak can be quite confusing. So, after listening to Representative Ron Paul on CNN ( Link to video: ) I was pleasantly surprised to not be wondering what he was actually trying to say.  The reporter was asking him about the debt ceiling and the budget. I have to say that a understand and pretty much agree with what he was proposing. 

In response government to the concern about defaulting on loans Ron Paul stated that the problem was not defaulting but paying with junk bonds. He also stated that the government had already defaulted on the American people because so many jobs have been lost. Good point.

When asked if he would support another Republican candidate, like Mitt Romney, Paul said that to mainstream America the Republican party and Democratic party are virtually the same. So, to endorse them he would be going against his supporters. Got it. 

One other thing Ron Paul brought up is that cutting spending only counts if it is for this year, everything else is really meaningless because it just becomes smaller useless "cuts". I hear you Paul. 

OK, so what about Ron Paul. I think he represents much more of America than the mainstream liberal media want to admit.  Personally, much of what he says makes sense to me. His foreign policy leaves me wanting but I find myself agreeing with much of what he says. What about you? 
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