Friday, August 5, 2011

Obamanomics: Flush 'em Friday: The 8 5 11 Edition

Welcome my friends to Flush 'em Friday where we flush those and that which need to be removed.
In the bowl for this week...
  • The stock market
  • Any politician who wants to or thinks he/she can help, fix or alter the stock market.
  • ANY person who stills thinks President Obama's economic policies, Obamanomics, were or are good, sound or intelligent. It is time to face reality. Leftist economic policies are doomed because they are dumb.
  • ANY one who at this moment is blaming Bush, Republicans, or capitalism. 
  • Prostate exams...
  • Canned laughter.
  • The NBA lockout...David Stearns for finding a way to screw up a great sport.
  • Summer Reading Lists (my daughter & son)
  • The Celtics...just because, they are the Celitcs (my son and I)
That's all folks...unless you have one...
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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Don't Hate the Hobbit, Hate the Hole. No Tax Tuesday 8 2 11

Bilbo BagginsImage by Dunechaser via Flickr
What is up with the Tea Party as Hobbits name calling nonsense? I know Joe Biden hates the Tea Party and has even called Tea Party members terrorists, but this is John McCain calling Tea Partiers Hobbits. So, Senator McCain shows his true colors. 

Now, on this No Tax Tuesday on wonder if Tea Party members are hobbits what is Senator John McCain and those like him, Gollums?  It seems to me that the power hungry career politicians like Senator McCain most resemble Gollum the hobbit whose addiction to the ring made him into a slimy little beast? I mean really, if you call yourself a conservative, be one.  Don't just be so intent on making a deal, any deal, that you sell your constituents out. The Tea Party reminds the likes of John McCain, whose support he sought, that Republicans are supposed to stand for conservative values. The problem with making deals and compromising is that senators who do that too often end up signing up for a myriad of things they may not really want or believe in.

I understand that every now and then a compromise may be necessary but too many compromises have resulted in the government we have now. Our current government is out of control with no end in site. The current "deal" is supposed to balance things out in ten years. Ten years!? TEN YEARS!!!??? Ten years is two plus presidential terms away. Ten years is meaningless because so much WILL happen in the next ten years that will influence and change much of whatever is in any bill. Ten years is less than a trillion so, relatively it doesn't sound like that much. But, in real time ten years is meaningless. "Balancing" the budget in ten years is sort of like someone owing you $1,000.00 that you need to pay your mortgage this month, telling you they will pay you $10.00 a month for the next ten years. Not helpful.

By the way Hobbits are know for being dependable hard working folks, not always seen, but in the end the hobbit won the day. Gollum...he just wanted the power of the ring. So, Senator McCain, don't be a Gollum, be a hobbit. 
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