Friday, February 8, 2013

Dwight Howard's Shoulder, President Skeet Shooter and the US Postal Service on Flush 'em Friday the 2 8 13 Edition

Happy Flush 'em Friday! It's time to flush those and that which bugs, bothers or annoys us. This weeks inductees are...

  • Dwight Howard's shoulder.
  • Da President's "skeet shooting" 
  • Matt Miller for thinking that raising the minimum wage makes sense. All it will do is raise the price of any service or product that relies on minimum wage workers. Who will feel that the most negatively? Minimum wage workers. Senseless.
  • The U.S. Postal Service... who's running that show? I guess they licked a few too many.
  • Comedians who just use four letter words. That's not creative. That's just crude. 
  • Bill Maher - big mouth little brain.
  • South Bay traffic. 
  • The flu bugs going around... it's like a dinner guest that doesn't know when it's time to leave.
Well that will have to do for now.
How all is well with all of you!