Friday, July 1, 2011

Flush 'em Friday: The 7 1 11 Edition

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Happy July! Happy Flush 'em Friday, the 7 1 11 Edition!!

The weather is warming up here in SoCal and the plunger seems ready to go, so let's get to those and that which needs to be Flushed right down the old draino!
  • Tightly sealed potato chip bags that explode and send your chips like shrapnel around the room. 
  • Bad food servers who act snobby.
  • MSNBC for firing someone who called a Richard a Dick, for being a ...
  • The POTUS for saying anyone who disagrees with him is not reasonable. Grow up man!
  • Journalists (and I use the term very loosely) who let the President go on and on about tax breaks that in the end are pretty petty and amount to less than .03% of the mess his stimulus put the country in.
  • The same group of pathetic excuses for journalists who (not one single one!) asked why if the President was so against the tax break for private jets did he include it in his stimulus package!!!
  • E.J.Dionne for being the classless liberal propaganda member he is. If you're so smart why didn't you point that out?
  • Car adds that tout a low price but it is not the car in the picture or one you might actually want to drive.
  • Janice Hahn because LA and the South Bay can't endure her brand of politics any longer.
  • Soccer parents who are afraid to cheer for their child or yell at him/her to "go get the ball!"
  • Free e-books that have a sign-up fee.
Do you have anyone you think needs a flushing? Tell me. I'd love to help you out!!!
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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Apologize for what?

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I guess Mark Halperin needed to apologize to keep his job. His crime? He said the the President was "kind of a dick" at the press conference. And...

The Republicans better roll up their sleeves and get ready for some serious mud slinging from the mud-slinger in chief, President Richard Obama. Obama WILL use the straw man of "the  rich" until the day he dies. I have no allusion that the propaganda wing of the Democratic party represented by ABC, NBC, CBS and almost every news organization out there will call out the President on anything. I mean let's get real here. The POTUS is a community organizer trained in the Alinsky manner of class warfare. He will seek to alienate the Republicans by any means necessary. 

Why did Mark Halperin say the President was being "kind of a dick"? Because he was! The President is pretty good at talking smack. Ask Donald Trump. After being roasted by the President of Smack at a White House dinner that he was a guest of the Donald decided not to run for President. The President was kinda of a Richard that night too, but, he gets a free pass from the press because he's their boy. Don't imagine for a moment that the likes of George Stephanopoulos will put together the fact that the sacred cows of the Republican party like lower taxes and less government are the very opposites of the Democratic party. Not going to happen. Will they ask President Obama if HE takes advantage of or benefits from any tax breaks? No. Will they ask him if his political appointments are tax cheats? Oh no.

Message to Mark Halperin, thanks but no thanks, no apology necessary. Thanks for calling it like it is.
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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

No Tax Tuesday: No Higher Ceilings and No Pelosi 6 28 11 Edition

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Happy No Tax Tuesday!

The democrats keep pushing the raise the debt ceiling of the United States government plan. No. NO. NO!

 More debt means more taxes. especially to a Democrat because that is they only way they know how to raise revenues. They don't know how to create jobs, even green ones. They don't know the difference between a government subsidized job, which does not last, and a free market job which last as long as it is helpful to the economy. A government subsidized job is just another form of welfare. You know, bridges to nowhere type jobs.

Then we have Nancy Pelosi, who calls those who disagree with her unpatriotic, asking for the gavel back. (Only if she plans to hit herself on the head with it every time she attempts to speak.) You know Nancy. Her and her fellow culprits managed to raise the debt 5.2 trillion dollars in the blink of an eye. Thanks, but NO thanks, Nancy. I now pay twice as much for less medical coverage thanks to the Democratic Health care bill. Great job. 

It is a simple formula. More debt = more taxes. Pelosi = more taxes. Democrats = more taxes. 
No debt or less debt = less or no taxes.  No Pelosi or Democrats = less taxes.

By the way, how come the state with the less taxes has created the most jobs (see Texas)? Perhaps a less taxes are better.

No new taxes and no Nancy Pelosi!!! 
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Monday, June 27, 2011

Why do you hate taxes?

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Tell me why your hate taxes or what taxes in particular you find just plain stupid.
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