Friday, October 22, 2010

California Needs a Brown Out

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California needs a Brown out, a Jerry Brown out of office out. It is way past time for Jerry to retire. He still knows how to say stuff without saying anything of importance. He knows how to argue his point even if he doesn't really have one. He knows how sound like he believes one thing even though nothing he has done nothing that backs that up. He knows that the propaganda wing of his political party won't call him out and press him to actually say something meaningful. Jerry Brown knows how to be what he is, a career politician.

One thing I have heard Jerry say over and over is that he knows how to fix California, by living within our means and .... Ok, I agree that is a nice place to start, but has he ever done that? And will the California legislature, which is run by a Democratic majority, run him or will he stop them from their business as usual agenda? Not a chance. Jerry Brown is a lifelong Democrat with a history of moonbeam thought processes. I ask this, if Jerry Brown messed up the California economy the first time, why give him a second chance?
What is frightening about California is that J Brown leads in any kind of poll. I work in education and my union tells me that I should vote for Jerry Brown. Which is one reason why I will not vote for Jerry Brown. Just because J Brown is a Democrat any teacher's union will back the nut up. But, Jerry Brown is a BIG proponent of charter schools. Less than 1 in 5 charter schools are any better than any other pubic school and that is with the ability to cherry pick high preforming students and dump any problematic students if they are displaying any behavioral issues. 

Get out and vote California, vote for a Brown out!

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