Tuesday, February 1, 2011

No Tax Tuesday: The Death of Health Care Extortion, Please!

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Here's the deal: if I am "required" by law to purchase insurance, then common sense would demand that insurance prices be fixed, to prevent ever increasing costs. But, since I am talking about the same people believe that taxing the life out of average citizens (under the guise of making "the rich" pay their fair share) is an "investment", I am not too hopeful that common sense will be our leaders guide. So, 26 states say no to the Health Care Extortion law. Now, a judge in Florida declares the whole thing unconstitutional! 

When should, or should the government have the power to force anyone to do anything? I know the Constitution doesn't really mean much to a liberal but, what does govern their thinking process? I do not think the government should force anyone to buy anything. Think about that...what ELSE might the government decide we should have to purchase?

Is it a right of every citizen to have affordable health care? Why? Is health care a self-evident truth? If health care is a right, how much is each person equitably entitled to having? Who decides this? Why should a really wealthy person get better coverage than a less wealthy person? Why should a working class person have to pay for their families insurance and someone who does not work receive insurance coverage for free, and why should the government use the working class persons taxes to pay for the person not working?

In the end, the government elitists are finding a way to force their "progressive" ideals upon all of us. I say no thanks. 
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Monday, January 31, 2011

3,2,1 Blast Off!

Pack377_SpaceDerby2009-3817Image by cmiked via Flickr
I hope  you had a great weekend. I did. I ended up taking over leadership of my son's Cub Scout Pack this year and it has been a lot of work but a lot of fun also.

This weekend was out first Space Derby in recent memory. I have since heard rumors that there was a few in the past, but none experienced by any of us now participating. So, as a pack we bought a slick new track, passed  out the kits, had a meeting to start building them and off we went. And off they flew! Some of the rockets went through the track and crashed at the end, flying of the track. Good thing someone thought to bring some fast drying model glue. One or two rockets had so much torque they just spun right off the guide!

One of my top goals was to have maximum participation. In order to do that we used a system called the perfect N which is sort of like a modified round robin tournament. Every racer raced four times, once in each lane. It was great. The only delays were the time it took to wind each rocket. There was also a few technical problems and kinks we worked out on the way but still everybody raced 4 times. Twenty heats is a lot of heats for a space derby.

I know it went well because after the official heats were over people wanted to race some more just for fun. And that is what Cub Scouting is supposed to be, fun with a purpose. Mostly, it was the joy of watching my own son getting a ribbon and a huge smile. Being a dad is very cool.