Saturday, October 23, 2010

Loose Cannon Fire

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Food for thought:

Democrats vs Republicans - The basic difference is the since 2005, under the leadership of Boxer and the Left over 1.2 million Californians have lost their jobs. She wants to continue those policies, such as shutting down farming for a non-endangered smelt fish. Jobs loss plus higher cost for food. Great leadership by B Boxer.
Boxer also supports crap like "protecting" teacher jobs for students that don't exist.
Money mismanagement 101 (Instructor: B Boxer).
Fiorina knows we need business to flourish if we want jobs for Californians.

Jane "the Pain" Harman - She encouraged audience members to vote on Nov. 2, and to stay engaged in public policy.
"We all depend on the best people, with the best skills," she said. "You are those people."
All South Bay voters should be encouraged to vote OUT Harman! She's clueless and companies are leaving with jobs in tow.

Octomom - Some things just should not be allowed. No laws needed, just basic common sense.
Wasn't eight enough?

Heaven help us if Jerry Brown wins.
Jerry Brown will be so "tough" on those nasty rich businesses that they will just move to a business friendly state and take their jobs with them.
Wake up California! Over 1.2 million jobs have been lost in California since 2005 under Democratic leadership!!!

Prop. 19 - Don't hold your breath tokers.
This Prop will blow over soon enough.

It is bad enough that I can't get from my apartment to my car without having to walk through some smokers cloud as they smoke outside their homes. Do I need a group of pot smokers too?
No on 19.

I hate the “polls” because the propaganda wing of the Democratic Party (the nightly news) loves to make it sound like “all” Californians are liberals.
It is time for conservatives to take the state!

Fanny and Freddie, just more evidence that the government can only mess things up.  The basic stance of Democrats is more government control. Reality tells us that more government is NEVER good.

My co-pay and pharmacy co-pays just doubled.
My emergency visit doubled too, from $50 to $100!
I supposedly have a good insurance plan.
How is this better?
Thanks Pres, thanks Dems.
Vote these people out!!!

Meg Whitman - I don't care how much she spends.
I care that she is willing to invest herself and her personal fortune to lead this great state back to greatness.
What does Jerry Brown offer? Who did he say was in his pocket?

If you have a few shots you'd like to add...take a shot!
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