Friday, July 12, 2013

Dwight Howard on Flush 'em Friday the 7 12 13 Edition

It's time again for FLUSH 'EM FRIDAY! The day we flush that which has got to go. This week we have a clear winner.

Dwight Howard

  • His big head.
  • His narrow mind.
  • His skinny legs.                                
  • His free throw shooting.
  • His feeble attempt at any kind of jump shot.
  • His pitiful looking hook shots. 
  • His "I don't do the pick and roll" attitude. 
Best big man in the game? Shaq is absolutely right, no one fears Dwight Howard with the ball in his hands. Have fun playing on James Harding's team.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Time for a little loose cannon fire! Join the fraye or duck for cover!

I didn't vote for the Obama. I work with a bunch of knuckleheads who did. One of the deals with living in a the US is we often get saddled with the consequences of the majority, no matter how gullible they are.

A very good friend of mine has a son and daughter close to the same ages as two of my children. I am "white" and he is Latino and his wife is African American. We both work for the same school district and at this time he is an administrator ( a very good one) and I am a teacher. He makes more money than I do. I don't hold that against him. We once talked about affirmative action and our children. At what point are we the same? Why should my children have to outscore his children by 300 some odd points on the SATs just to get into college? Diversity is not really the issue. Diversity is here.

I think that what is totally missed in this whole conversation is why, after all these years of affirmative action, Title I, No Child Left Behind, and now the Common Core, why has education failed to demonstrate a serious improvement for minorities? Perhaps, while meaning well, the target was not hit.

Since it is apparently impossible for some to view a child in the womb as a living being with some form of right to life I will ask the following question: If choice is the issue, when does choice begin? As an adult, when do you have the responsibility to act  like an adult?
For those who want to use the "what about rape" argument, take it off the table for a moment. Most people don't have an issue with that.

Again, E.J., you are laughable. You are not going to say that Obama and the Democrats are not trying to cram liberal progressive ideals down upon all of America. You can't be serious if you don't know that everything you are accusing conservatives of liberal do also. Either you're dumb or deceptive. Pick one, but you certainly aren't open minded or fair in your opinions.

The truth must be told. Thank you. Islam as a faith, must be open to criticism, just as Christianity is. Is Allah god? Is the Koran reliable? Has Islam been a forerunner to freedom?

The hypocrisy of the left never ceases to amaze me. If you have never, ever made a racist comment in your life, for example calling someone a "cracker", then you may speak.
Is Paula Deen a racist?
A lot of Democrats were racists before they weren't. Check the 50's and 60's for a clue.
If those who call themselves Reverend understand the gospel where equality truly got it's start, then maybe they should offer Paula a way of grace. Or is it just about an agenda?

Obama speaks to the African youth like any good Dictator to those he wishes to oppress: "We (=you) must sacrifice so that we (= me, the ruling class) can reap the benefits!"

It's time for all Americans, regardless of their color, race or gender to wake up to the reality that the policies of the left crush Americans. Just because Obama is black does not mean he has a clue about what it means to be an African American raised in the United States. Neither of his parents were Americans. He has NO clue. He does know how to use the race card though.

I don't see this as a lesser of two evils. Both NSA and Snowden are evil. If the President were a Republican, the press would be unrelenting in their coverage. But, as propagandists they'll fein concern and then bring  up something like global warming.
That Venezuela is willing to take Snowden makes very sceptical about his motives.

Robert, you sound alot like your boss (the one who tells you what questions you can ask). A whole lot of nothing.  The only sense Samuelson makes is that when people aren't working, they are not producing.
There always needs to be a balance which for some companies more vacation time may be good, for others it may hurt production and thus profit. No profit = no raises.

Feel free to take a few shots of your own.