Saturday, October 1, 2011

POTUS Blame Game

Amazing! I heard President Obama is campaigning with rhetoric like, “If Republicans take back the White House their policies would cripple America!” Wow. That is like a clown telling a mime to get serious. I guess the beauty of being a community organizer is all you really have to do is demonize your opponent, whether what you're saying has any relationship to reality or not. The whole manner in which candidate Obama operates reminds me of the school yard. So often a fight starts when child A tells child B that child C said,”B's a _______!” Then it's on. B and C go at it while A looks on and enjoys the show. All the while B and C have no clue that they have just been manipulated by their so called friend. Unfortunately, this is a favorite tactic of all politicians would at the heart of their beliefs (which they will never have the integrity to admit) is that most of their would be voters are not smart enough to be confronted with the real issues so, manipulation in the form of “Those people don't like you! Those people are taking your jobs! Those people...”

Besides all that, what is crippling America right now? Isn't it time for President Obama to take some ownership of the problems our country is facing? Or is he just going to divide the country by blaming the opposition? We he honestly answer the question of whether or not his Health Care plan has been good for America or just another government take over of individual freedoms?

What is the plan President Obama? All I hear is blame.