Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cannon Fire for 1-8-11

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How are the reforms going in his schools?
No big difference.
The take over groups hiring practices are racist and foolish. (Look up one of his schools and check out the "diversity.")
Just like THE DISTRICT he does not get it.
You can hire people who you think "look" right, and hire young teachers you think you can  mold. But, good teachers are good teachers no matter if they fit your desired mold or not.
Most importantly, if parents are not engaged in their child's learning from birth, schools will fight an uphill battle.
This is just a money and power grab. Union activist = con man.

Arnold S - Good bye and good riddance!
Thanks for leaving the state in such a pitiful state that JERRY BROWN looked good enough for Californians to vote in.
Thanks for working with the state legislature to move so many jobs and businesses OUT of California.

So, the brainless surgeons in our state have decided that they need to control my donut intake, yet allow criminals to steal over twice as much before facing serious justice, if you would like to call a P Harris led state serious on justice.
God save us all.

"He warned Californians not have any illusions that the deficit could be closed by making government more efficient. "It is far more than waste and inefficiency we have to take out," he said." - Well, let's start there Gov. Brown and see how serious you are.
Hold on to your wallets Californians!
Being one of Jerry's kids will mean WE sacrifice, not government.
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Friday, January 7, 2011

A Few Things Conservative

Republican Party Handbill, ca. 1880Image by Cornell University Library via Flickr
I am not terribly happy with the Republican party. As a conservative, I tend to vote Republican. But, I am not pleased with many politicians who call themselves Republicans. My issue is not because they the Republican Party is not left enough or more "moderate" or "center." My issue is that the Party seems to respond more to the propaganda and foolishness spewed from the left. If I wanted to be more of a liberal  or progressive (an oxymoron if there ever was one) I would simply join the Democratic party. 

Let me get a few things straight. First of all as a conservative, my rights and your individual rights are of supreme importance. This country was founded on the ideal, which is equally true and meaningful today as it was in the 1700's, each person has the unalienable right to live their life without (or as little as possible) government interference. 

The fruit of my labor is the fruit of my labor, not yours. The fruit of your labor is the fruit of your labor, not mine. In other words, my money is not your money and your money is not my money. Neither is our money the governments money. I do not believe that any individual or government is endowed with the wisdom and benevolence to decide who deserves what. .History has only demonstrated how evil individuals and governments are when given power. If the idea that governments were by nature helpful and just then the United States of America would not have come to be.

To me government is like a gun. A gun can be useful for certain situations, like self-defense and hunting, but in the wrong hands they can do a lot of damage. That is why an individuals rights to his or her own money is so important. Think about Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and Welfare. They all sound like nice humane ideals but, they now enslave us. And our elected officials deceive us by borrowing from the money we the people have been forced to "invest" in these scams. So, there is not actual cash, just IOU's in the form of bonds or notes, whatever.

My concern, as a conservative, is that my elected officials are playing god with my money, and your money. they don't earn it, we do. They use these programs as means to buy votes and stay in power. And what are we, as the people getting out of our so called "investments?" Debt and more taxes. 
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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hold on to your wallets, California!

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Well, here we go. Governor Jerry Brown. The man without a plan begins to unveil his plan upon us all. I don't know about the smoke and mirrors but what I heard heir Governor say was not all that hopeful. 

He apparently thinks it will take honesty to tell us all we, as a state and individuals are out of luck. The question of how much we are overspending and supplementing and how "honest" Governor Brown is will let me know how serious he is about rising above HIS ideology. The fact that he brings up new taxes at all tells me he still just a tax and spend liberal.

I seem to recall that during his campaign he mentioned something about living within our means. For me that means that if I don't have the cash, whatever it is I would like to do or purchase (even if it's for my children), it is a big no can do until I have the cash. The problem with politicians, and if Jerry Brown is anything, he's a politician, is that they live off other peoples money. Jerry keeps bringing up the "No new taxes without peoples approval" mantra. That means he will take this year to demonstrate that "he" can't fix the budget by not cutting entitlement programs (because then who will vote for him). Then he will tell us we must raise more money = taxes. There will be (for himself) no other way around it. Californians will be shoveled propaganda about how we need to "sacrifice" and "invest". Never mind that all the investments of the past has proved to be stupid money foolishly spent. Investments produce something. What have the investments of our political leaders been producing? The product so far has been over 1,200,000 Californians have lost their jobs since 2005!

I call on Jerry Brown to take all talk of raising taxes off the table. I call on Jerry Brown to ask the unions that financed his campaign to take the lead in honesty and sacrifice. I call on Jerry Brown to ask the real hard questions like, "How long can California support those who do not work?" I am not talking about people who can not work. Forget the "everybody deserves" stuff. I call on Jerry Brown to ask the real questions about his beloved entitlement programs.

OK Jerry Brown, I am listening and watching. 

Monday, January 3, 2011

Where will our leaders take us?

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As 2011 begins I wonder where our countries leadership wishes to take us. The frightening reality is that I do not hear much that would lead me to believe that anything will be much different. The president has already begun the we need to raise the debt limit campaign. The Republicans are calling for cuts.  

My problem is that I have heard all this before, my whole life. Yet, government keeps growing and my net income does not, it gets smaller and weaker. My dollar seems to get me less. The government oozes into more and more of my daily life. Just this year California passed some ridiculous laws. The same group of people who can't buy the appropriate nut for a bolt want to regulate gift toys with Happy Meals. Now they want to control the amount of salt I intake. Just how stupid do lawmakers think you and I, average citizens are? Pretty stupid if they believe you and I need them to make decisions about how much salt should we put on our fries!

I don't have to be a great economist or certified public accountant to know that you can't spend more than you make and that you can't have more debt than you can pay for. I also realize that if I am broke, I can't spend money I don't have. I could borrow some money, but, if I don't have the means to pay for it...

The problem ,as I see it, is that my government sees me (and you) as its' means to pay off debt.

So, maybe it's not about where our leadership wants to take us but, what our government and Representatives believe they are entitled to take from us.

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