Saturday, May 14, 2011

Flush 'em Friday: The 5 13 11 Edition Belated

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Helllllooooooooooo everybody! Happy Flush 'em Frdiay! Welcome to the May 13, Edition!

This week's nominees are:
  • The idiot at LSU who thought it would be ever so cool to burn an American flag in the name of exercising his first amendment rights.
  • D. Trump – his hair, it just bugs me.
  • Pakistan for harboring O.B. Ladin and then acting like they didn't know he was there.
  • Anybody who is against entitlement cuts. We ALL have to share the pain.
  • Obama for being in full campaign mode.
  • The liberal media for being the propaganda wing of the left and not asking any hard questions of the President.
  • “Fans” who run out on the field after a score.
  • Amateur weekend golfers who miss a shot and then get all mad as if they were a pro and normally hit it 350 with a slight draw.
  • Gas prices and the President who promised to get them down to around $2.00 per gallon.
  • People who dump stuff on other people.
  • People who don't use their blinker but do talk on their cell phone without a bluetooth.

Just out of curiosity, who would YOU like to flush this fine Friday?

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The President of Smack

Smack in the MiddleImage via Wikipedia
So, the POTUS goes to the border, surrounds himself with a bunch of hangers on and makes a "speech" about how effective the borders are. Well, it was actually an early campaign speech aimed at the enemy, well, his enemy, Republicans. 

I'll tell you what the President is really good at: talking smack. Against conservatives or republicans or capitalists. He is not so good at talking smack against Americas known enemies, say, Al Qaeda. 

In his border speech Obama declared that “The Border Patrol has 20,000 agents, more than twice as many as there were in 2004 . . .They wanted a fence. Well, the fence is now basically complete.” 
Interesting. Very nice for B.O. to take credit for 2005 - 2008, when a certain Republican President  put into affect. By the way, how did the then young Senator vote or stand on that issue? Talking smack has little to do with truth, it has to do with making your opponent look bad while glorifying yourself.

Next, the POTUS went on to say, “Maybe they’ll need a moat,” he said, generating laughter from a crowd of more than 1,000. “Maybe they want alligators in the moat.”
Wow, such thoughtful, intellectual dialog.  Again, talking smack is all about taking verbal pot shots at your opponent. It's about the humiliation of your opponent. 

As the time nears for the President to run for re-election, brace yourself for heavy doses of political smack from the liberal agenda aimed at ridiculing conservatives, blaming "the rich" and inciting racial and class wars. 
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

No Tax Tuesday: Tired of Taxes 5 10 11 Edition

Happy Meal HummerImage by gadgetdude via Flickr
Happy No Tax Tuesday! My original No Tax Tuesday post centered around the idea that citizens need a break from the burden of taxation for at least one day if not monthly. As inflation causes the price of everything in my life to rise, from food to fuel, Happy Meals to Health Care, I can not afford to pay higher taxes just so the idiots who represent me at every level of government do not have to make the tough decisions and cuts where truly needed. I am tired of taxes! 

Think about this: if you live in California the Governor is asking you to vote to lower your standard of living while not requiring him to make the tough cuts he said he would make. More taxes would not result in a better run government, just more government to collect the taxes! I am tired of taxes!

President Obama bragged while campaigning for President that if he was President he would lower the price of gasoline! I believe it is a bit higher, now. He could lower or remove the federal tax on gasoline ($0.18 a gallon). Didn't he appoint a task force or some other time wasting useless group of leaches?  Another pile from the President. I am tired of taxes!

We pay taxes to fund the impotent yet misguiding Department of Education. Has it ever helped? I am tired of taxes!

Do you hear me? Do you agree with me? Are you tired of taxes?

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Who's next? or How should we deal with other terrorists?

In this file photo, Soldiers from 2nd Battalio...Image via Wikipedia
I am, like most Americans, satisfied with the knowledge that Osama Bin Laden is dead. I think it  was the right thing to do. I am concerned with the future policies that the current administration might follow in regards to dealing with know terrorists and enemies of the United States of America. Since the current administration has difficulties delineating the differences between the rights of a US citizen and those of an enemy, I worry about our countries ability to deal with terrorists who are currently plotting attacks on America. 

Since Bin Laden was not the only member of Al Quaeda who else might need our "attention" and how should we deal with them? Personally, I like the less we know method. Since the terrorists seek, for the most part, to terrorize in secret, I believe we should deal with them covertly. I like the idea of dealing with terrorist by terrorizing them. I think they should fear opening their very front door, back door, windows, or even their pantry. But, I think we should leave no trace. Why? Because I think our enemies should fear not only a massive onslaught of troops -  shock and awe - but also an unseen, untraceable bullet between the eyes.

The world should know, America is an awesome ally but and awful enemy.
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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!
A special I love you to my wife and to my mom!