Friday, August 12, 2011

Burt and Ernie: Flush 'em Friday: The 8 12 11 Edition

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Happy Flush 'em Friday to you one and all! It is time to announce those worthy of a good old whirly twirly. I find these people, things, and ideas annoying and just plain useless. 

  • Bill Maher...what a loud mouthed, thinks he is funny, has been.
  • People who want Burt and Ernie to get married...actually people who even conceive a such nonsense. Just because YOU think or believe something doesn't mean everyone needs to hear it, let alone agree with it or believe it! Liberals need to stay out of my child's mind!
  • Planned "non" parenthood for using my money to manipulate women into committing crimes against themselves and their children.
  • Borders and others stores who are going out of business and advertise 25% off as a going out of business price. I can do better than that at 
  • Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke because he proves the saying, "Those who can't, teach."
  •  The shrinking amount of chips in a potato chip bag.
  • French fries without salt.
  • Non-fat anything.
  • Vegan's just a food choice...
  • People who cut in front of me and then drive slower...
That's all folks!
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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

No Tax Tuesday, What Plan? 8 9 11 Edition

NEW YORK - JUNE 10:  Traders work on the floor...Image by Getty Images via @daylife
Here we are again on No Tax Tuesday. This morning I wake up to my local fish-wrap with the headline, Markets Plummet in Sell Off. Really? You mean the Big Bad Obama plan for the over-hall of the financial markets didn't prevent this? I am shocked and I am in utter disbelief that such comprehensive, well thought out measures were not able to stop this collapse from happening! I hope you read that with the sarcasm and derision it was intended to be read. 

Did any one really think that more government control would really help prevent the market from falling? All the brutal control of the former Soviet Union could not prevent its' own collapse, it only make it more devastating. The only thing more government intrusion and control ever does is make things worse for those it is supposed to help the most.


Did raising the debt ceiling help? No. More debt is never good. That is a simple fact. To put it simply, if I am paying money to "the god of I got to have this now", I can not use that money for things I need or want now. But, we did get downgraded as a country. Maybe Steve Jobs should invest in American debt.

In the meantime our hard earned tax dollars are being "invested" by these knuckleheads in government Czars, bailouts, recovery projects and pork belly spending to buy some self absorbed politician another term in office because they need more time to send inappropriate tweets to fellow twits.

Who will President Obama, the Democrats, and their propaganda machine (AKA the press) blame? President Bush, capitalism, Republicans and the Tea Party. The chances of any politician, let alone this Pharisaical group of leftist busybodies, admitting to anything less than demigod status is slim-to-none. Why be responsible and honest when you can blame someone else?

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Monday, August 8, 2011

OK Professor Hawking...Are You Sure There Is No God?

Simulated view of a black hole in front of the...Image via Wikipedia
Last night my family and I watched the Discovery Chanel's latest program Curiosity. The first show's  title was, "Is There a Creator?" with Professor Stephen Hawkins.  I had read  Professor Hawking's book A Brief History of Time years ago so I guessed he would end up at black holes. I was mostly curious how his ideas had evolved since he wrote that book. Not much, apparently. 

I have some black hole sized problems with Prof. Hawkins theories. First of all as a theoretical physicist his idea are theories. Proving that a mathematical formula is possible is different than demonstrating a theory to be true by a repeatable experiment. The existence of black holes does not ipso facto  imply they are self existent infinite entities and therefore there is no need for God.

Second, I am curious where Prof. Hawking believes "the laws of nature" derived their axiomatic unchanging consistency from. The laws of nature, as referred to by Prof. Hawkins, sounded pretty much like a god to me. How did they come about? Hawking seems to just assume that the laws of nature  eternally exist by themselves. 

Lastly, Professor Hawking referred to time as if time was a constant. Does all of science see time as a constant? I don't think so. Prof. Hawking referred to time as being outside of black-holes so therefore no need for God because God must exist in time. That is not the same god I find in the Bible. Genesis chapter 1 says "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." "Let there be light." "And there was evening, and there was morning - the first day." The Bible describes God as the Creator outside of matter, energy and time. That is why Christians worship God as eternal, outside of time. Now, if Prof. Hawking chooses to not believe in the God of the Bible that is his choice. But, please, Professor, don't assume that you understand him.

I am curious what other people thought of what Professor Hawking assumed. What did you think?

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