Friday, March 15, 2013

Jesse Jackson Jr., JR Smith, Dana White, & Paul Pierce on Flush 'em Friday the 3 15 13 Edition

Happy Flush 'em Friday! This week we have some lists of flushie's. 
Let's flush 'em!

  • E.J. Dionne Jr. - liberal hack
  • Al Gore Jr. - loud mouth
  • Jess Jackson Jr. - chip off the old block
  • JR Smith - no conscience 

  • Dana Milbank - arrogant liberal hack
  • Dana White - a bit kingish 
  • Dana Carvey - is he still alive?

  • Paul Krugman - who? oh, the NY liberal hack?
  • Paul Williams - just short
  • Paul Pierce - inglehood Celtic...can't get much worse
  • Paul Mitchell - so-so hair products 
  • Paul Blart - just reminds me a someone I know who takes them-self a bit too seriously.

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Man the hatches! Duck! Look out for loose cannon fire!

Well said. I used to work for a very well run restaurant chain. They were family owned and actually, contrary to liberal dogma, cared a great deal about all their employees. Many employees were paid minimum wage plus tips. When the minimum wage was increased was the cost of meals increased.
All restaurants raised their prices, from McDonald's to Mimi's Cafe.
When the minimum wage goes up the standard of living for the poor and middle classes goes down. Not smart. Not helpful.

PSYCOLOGY ?! Are you kidding me? Leave it to part of  the liberal propaganda machine to ignore the obvious problem. Job creation does not come from taxing the 
life out of business. Yet, Democrats keep trying, keep failing, keep blaming and keep avoiding reality.
Job creation is down because the failing policies of the Democrats and Obama are not effective, they are destructive.

What good has el presidente done? The un-affordable health care act? The wonderfully high gas prices? The taxes to the middle class that he promised to not 
allow? The budgets he has failed to offer, let alone pass? Maybe the historic debt he has created? Good? Not really.

Just because Obama was a "law professer" that does not mean he was a good one. Since both Obamas agreed to give up the right to practice law because of some "questionable" actions, maybe his grasp of the true meaning of the law is lacking.

I don't hate homosexuals, I simply do not agree that two people of the same sex in a relationship is the same as a man and a woman in a relationship. I am neither ignorant of why some disagree with me or homophobic towards those who consider 
themselves gay. Some are my friends and co-workers, whom I respect. To disagree is not the same as hate.

At least Ryan wants you to read it before you vote on it. Maybe he should suggest that Congress should vote it in before reading it and perhaps more Democrats would vote for it.

In contrast there is always the Obama/ Democrat budget: Tax the rich (we mean middle working class)!

Clean the barrels and get ready for another volley or two...