Friday, August 30, 2013

Christopher Hubbart, the NCAA, the US Open, and Johnny Manziel on Flush 'em Friday, the 8 30 13 Edition

Happy Flush 'em Friday! Time to flush those who need to be sent on a trip down the old crapper. 

Todays' nominees: 

  • The judge who is releasing Christopher Hubbart, the "Pillowcase Rapist", again. A "mentally disordered offender" is what he's called! How about he's a man who  has chosen to be evil? 
  • Any Senator or Representative who does not oppose, reject and fight against the President's move to declare war or send American soldiers into harm's way without congressional approval. 
  • Alex Rodriguez...enough is enough. 
  • The NCAA for their wimpy and inconsistent handling of the Johnny Manziel autograph signing deal. (What's going on with the U. of Miami deal?)
  • The crowd at the US Tennis Open last night that was cheering for the Frenchman over Isner the American! Well, what do I expect from a bunch of morons who voted for a mayor who tries to control their soda intake...
  • Lamar "Candyman" Odom for being arrested  on suspicion of DUI this morning.  Nothing good happens after 2am.
Well, that's all I can stomach for today. Who did I forget?