Friday, October 28, 2011

Flush 'em Friday Outlet Stores and OWS the 10 28 11 Edition

Happy Flush 'em Friday! I would like to nominate several people to be flushed this week, because they deserve it.
The to be flushed are...

  • OWS - for protesting banks when they should be protesting the people who forced the banks to make the stupid loans in the first place.
  • Charlie Sheen - for believing he's the smartest guy in the room (even when he's the only guy in the room)
  • Michael Lohan - 1. for being Lindsay's dad 2. acting like Lindsay's dad
  • Outlet Stores - here's the deal, there is no deal!
  • Planned Parenthood - for being planned non-parenthood rather than teaching responsibility.
  • Kathleen Sebelius - for using her position as first governor and now Health Human Services Secretary to bully those who don't hold her opinion and for obstructing justice any chance she can.
  • The POTUS's student loan scheme/scam - how about some real jobs Mr. Prez?
  • Eugene Robinson - for blaming "hard-right conservatives" for the redistribution of wealth. Dufuss is as dufuss does. 
Besides all the usual suspects like people who don't use their blinkers and women over 40 who shop at forever 21, that's all for me.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

No tax Tuesday and What Can Government Do for You? 10 25 11

Happy No Tax Tuesday!
It's sadly funny that politicians are "discussing" how much we should pay in taxes. The Democrats and liberals think they are entitled to all of it, or the right to say what I do with my money. Herman Cain wants 9%, I think, or is it 9% + 9% + 9%? Perry is talking about a straight - flat 20%.

Well, considering that the government is the least effective, most wasteful money managers known to mankind, why should I want to give them more than than the least amount possible. Just take the Department of Education for example. If $100 in taxes goes to the federal government which then takes 10% off the top just to pay for itself then divvies up the remainder to be sent out to the states and then to local schools. Now the state has to take some off what is left over to "manage" the remaining $90 so there goes another $10 so my $100 is at best $80 if the DOE decides that my state needs it more than other states. There is no guaranteeing that my money will come back to my state, city or school attended by my children. Stupid is as stupid does. Has education improved since the deception, I mean, inception of the Department of Education?

More importantly, if my God is only asking for 10% why should my government need more? In my opinion that is just forced idolatry.  My church is just finishing up a building project. Not only did they build a building that is fully used, but 10% of the funds went to building church buildings in other countries. We built two other churches. What do we get out of our tax dollars? Roads to nowhere, bailouts, and a plethora of stupid ideas.

So, I don't think the question is how much taxes I can or should pay, but how much can I trust my government to responsibly handle?