Saturday, October 30, 2010

PTVoice's Loose Cannon Fire 10 30 Edition

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WikiLeaks - Is the point of releasing these documents to stop abuse by Iraqi allies?
If the point is not to save innocent lives then it is just self serving propaganda of some sort.
As for our leakage; why is it so easily attainable?

Obama and Global Trade - Wow, Jenny Chang, I believe the "mostly white racists" didn't vote for the morons who tax the crap out of businesses and force up labor costs thus forcing jobs out of the state and country. Here in California the Democratic led policies have led to a loss of over 1.2 MILLION jobs since 2005.
T Giethner? Isn't he part of the brainless trust that brought us the great bank bailout?
There is apparently global cooling toward President Obama and his policies.
Vote out the Dems!!!!

"Another wrinkle: the health insurance tax credits available through the law are keyed to relatively Spartan insurance plans, not as generous as most big employers provide."
What the Democrats plan shafts the average worker too? Of course the Democrats plan hurts everyone. Will it hurt the "rich" more? Of course not.
The Democrats can always count on their voting base to let them abuse them and yet still vote Democrat. Amazing.
Wake up California!!! Vote Whitman, Fiorina, Tran!!!

I don't need a get out and vote campaign to vote these Dumskull Democrats out of office.
I just look at the cost of everything around me and listen to the sound of businesses and jobs leaving the state to avoid moronic anti-business, anti-job taxes.
Vote the Dems out!!! No Brown, No Boxer. No Sanchez.
Yes Whitman, Fiorina, and Tran!
And no new taxes!!!

First of all it's good to see Benedict Arnold go. He should of shut up tonight.
Second, Meg is smart to not agree. Brown has the entire propaganda wing of the Democratic party plus shameless clowns like Gloriless Allred to do his dirty work.

Thanks, Benedict Arnold. Take off Maria's pants and admit you are a Democrat in Republicans clothing.

Prop. 22 - If there is not enough money, there is not enough money. Forcing the state to send money to one fund is crazy and irresponsible. Sort of like a spoiled brat crying out, "I want my bottle!!!"

Thanks to the Dems, 1.2 million jobs and counting have been lost by Californians since 2005. If you want a job vote republican, if you want to be a dependent leach, vote democrat.

The scham is the job Reid has done as a Senator and leader.
Vote the schamster out!

Villiariagosa’s new retirement plan. - Well, there you have it.
Proof that Democrats big spending was a stupid idea in the first place.
Proof that Democrats run better ponzi schemes than governments.
Proof that if you give a Democrat a dollar, he'll spend $10.

"Nearly 90 Los Angeles police officers will be pulled off the streets and put to work running a new jail facility"
Democrats: Police off the streets and into prisons.
Republicans: Criminals off the streets and into prisons.

Wake up California!!!
Jerry Brown will has not been a good governor, mayor or attorney general. Governor moonbeam is in his own orbit that will kill jobs, education and the California dream.
Go Meg, way to tell the truth about Brown. Too bad most of California thinks he will actually try to help.
1.2 million + lost jobs in California since 2005 under Democratic leadership.
Vote them all out!!!

Ron Artest - You know, you got to love this guy. He may be in his own orbit, but, his heart is in the right place.
I think he is one big reason the Lakers will three-peat their way to #17.

Is 600 too small of a group for B Boxer?
It looks like Carly is concerned about everyone not just some special interest loudmouths.

Thanks Mr. President.
Thanks Democratic party.
The POTUS is supposed to defend the borders of the USA, not people who illegally cross them!
We, the citizens of the USA do not need Mexico to infest us.
Come Tuesday it is time to begin to cleanse the country of these Democrats who are more socialist than American!

Get out and vote California.
Remember while you vote that in California, while under Democratic senate controlled leadership, over 1.2+ million jobs lost to Californians.
Vote Republican for jobs and prosperity.

These are some of my personal shots and I would love to have YOU add yours!
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