Monday, October 25, 2010

Jerry Brown, My Union and Me

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During elections I can always count on my union to send out their totally biased and frighteningly unconcerned with balance voters guide. In the past I have found it to be very helpful, if not disappointing. After I have studied up, to the best of my abilities, trying to see who is actually who and what they really stand for or against, I look to my unions voter guide to help make any final choices.

This voting season has proved to me again that although I can think of maybe two times I have agreed on a political candidate or issue with my union, the guide does provide me with a useful service. If I am not sure if a candidate is a nut, I check my unions voter guide. If he or she is recommended by my union I know for sure I should not, under any circumstances vote for said candidate. This season my union is backing (surprise!) Jerry Brown because they fear Meg Whitman will "ruin education." Yet, the teacher's union will turn a  blind eye to the state of affairs that J Brown left the Oakland school district in . Not only did he create a $100 million deficit, push the district to the edge of bankruptcy, he is also a huge proponent of charter schools. I know charter schools are a wonderful fad and a tiny minority have been successful, but, on the whole they are not  more successful than normal public schools even with the ability to cherry pick high achieving students and jettison those who prove to be "challenging." Charter schools do not need to operate under union control or rules. Charter schools are not a pro-union alternative. But, my union will back J Brown because he is a Democrat.  

So, I call on my fellow educators to look beyond themselves, and not just let Jerry Brown and the Democrats fear you into voting submission. Why vote for someone who will tell you he will protect you and yet, toss you out in favor of the latest politically correct educational fad? 
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