Monday, November 1, 2010

OK California, You Make the Call

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If you are like me sometimes sifting through the pile of adds received and voter recommendation guides can be daunting. There is one site I really like and it is . It is from a conservative Christian perspective and I find Craig Huey, the author to be honest and much more informative than anyone I hear on TV, cable or mainstream. The forum gives information and recommendations on California elections.
Here is a little sample of the excellent information he provides:

Vote “NO” on Prop 22: Stop eminent domain land grabs
We have given Proposition 22 the “Government Power Grab & Corporate Welfare 
Award” because it sneaks a poisonous pill into the wording of the proposition so that
most people won’t see it.
I think you’ll agree it's a dubious honor, justly deserved.
Proposition 22 claims to prohibit thieves posing as politicians in Sacramento to
steal local funds. But many voters will be deceived by what's hidden in the wording
of Proposition 22: Language that is bad for every Californian—whether you’re an
apartment dweller, homeowner or business.
In fact, this proposition pits two different government groups against each other
for tax money to support their own programs. The first group opposes it. These are
the recipients of tax money who are fearful of harming their programs—which will be
immediately cut if Sacramento doesn’t borrow local money.
But here is the thing that will help you decide your vote on Proposition 22.
Snuck into the language is the presence of little-known, secretive government
agencies supporting this insidious statewide proposition called
“Redevelopment Agencies.” They are unelected bureaucrats who destroy local
neighborhoods and businesses for a “greater good” by using the unchecked
power of eminent domain.
Redevelopment is largely a failed central policy system intended to solve blighted
areas in cities. They become expensive monuments to politicians and cash cows to
wealthy developers at the expense of the taxpayer and the victims of eminent

I hope you can vote your conscience and with confidence.
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