Tuesday, October 26, 2010

No Tax Tuesday: Teachers on the Dole

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Happy No Tax Tuesday to you all! I started out this Tuesday edition on a thought that it would be great to give the average and non-average citizen a break by having a "No Tax Tuesday." It has no evolved into a weekly rant about taxes. I am not sure if anyone is really paying attention or agrees, but, it makes me feel better. 

This week I would like to take aim at the misuse and abuse of our tax dollars by school districts. Unions and Democrats love to use the term, "saving jobs" for instance, "saving hundreds of teachers jobs." Well, how is that done?

I work at a middle school and we have two "pool teachers" at our site. That is more than $100k a year. What do these teachers do? First of all they receive a regular teachers' paycheck. They do not teach a class. They do not lower the student to teacher ratio. They do fill in for teachers who might be ill or who are attending a meeting or participating in an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) meeting.  

I do not have anything personally against these people, they are just trying to make a living. But, if their is not enough students to form a class for them to teach what is their purpose? Isn't this kind of a no brainer? To put it simply if you have 90 students with a 30:1 ratio you need 3 teachers. You do not need 4. When the district holds more teachers than they need that only means that the district spending more than it should!

So, in the end, it is misused tax dollars. Teacher on the dole is an expensive form of welfare that we can not afford.
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