Thursday, October 28, 2010

Why the Lakers Will Win Again

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The Lakers are back and the season has begun. I love it and I'm ready to watch them go for #17! As you can tell I am a bit of a Laker fan.Yes, I know the Celtics got the big blow-hard and the Heat put together the big 2 1/2, but it's still the Lakers who sit on the thrown. Here are the reasons why I think the Lakers are going to three-peat.

Because I said so.

Because Ron Artest is crazy and great in crazy games and situations. When the going gets chaotic, he's right at home, game 7 last year is my witness.

The Lakers will three-peat because Pau Gasol now knows not only that he can win and be great but, how to win and be great. 

Kobe Bryant wants to win more than normal humans can imagine.

Derrick Fischer leads with guts, instinct and knows how to counter-balance Kobe's intensity so the rest of the team can flourish.

Kobe wants to be the Laker to take the Lakers to #17 and beyond.

The new kids on the block bring...youth.

Kobe wants to tie MJ.

The long arm of Lamar will fill in the blanks and give the Lakers whatever they need when they don't even know they need it.

Kobe wants to be 2 up on Shack.

Bynum is now grown up and became a man last year by playing hurt and will now have respect and maybe get some calls.

The new vets, Blake and crew will hit shots and make plays and sacrifice to get that ring baby.

Phil Jackson is a Zen master, witch, whatever, he just gets the team to play as a team.

Kobe's team loves to be a team. Notice Kobe hugging his players when they hit the big shots. (Remember the big fat daddy, just walking off the court saying dumb stuff like, "One lucky shot deserves another.") Kobe has become a leader. 

So, if you are not a Laker fan, too bad because the Lakers will take the trophy again!
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