Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What is an Extreme Conservative to do?

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The contempt that the left has for the average American citizen is simply amazing. The belief that the left has that they can determine truth allows them to say anything and call it truth. Calling themselves "Politically Correct" is one example. Who says they are correct? And they have the nerve to proclaim they are moderates. Now, to me this is just astounding. When did Socialism become moderate? When did abortion become moderate? When did  the injustice of allowing  murderers to live while the families of victims are denied any sense of justice become a moderate point of view? When did the complete intolerance for people who believe in the Judeo-Christian world view become a moderate mainstream American stance?

Who says this crap? The mainstream media, also known as the propaganda wing of the Democratic Party. The other culprit is our beloved educational system. Just try being a Conservative in a leftist based society. I do it everyday. Who is teaching our children that Republicans are bigots and hate all people of color. My liberal colleagues are quite dogmatic when it comes to their intolerance of conservatives. A few years ago my daughters fourth grade teacher had the students vote for who they thought should be president. She, without a thought, pontificated about how wonderful a savior Obama would be and how awful George Bush and those Republicans have been. My daughter knew she was a fool and wondered why her teacher should be so brazenly biased.

Is someone, a conservative, an extremist? Isn't that a no brainer. To be conservative means you avoid extremes. Extreme taxation. Extreme government control and centralization. Extreme government regulation and intrusion. But, the left, using the media as their bully pulpit, continually lies and deceives Americans by calling conservatives extremists.

Where was the media when the President took over 1/6 of the economy by enacting a health care bill without the representatives of the American people reading it? Was that a conservative approach? That was extremism.

We are not extremists to call for less taxes and less government regulations.
America, take back the middle!

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