Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Why Kagan Worries Me

Supreme Court nominees are subject to a healthy portion of scrutiny and well they should be. The Supreme Court decides on the toughest most important cases in the country. They are the final legal word. The trust we as American citizen put in them is almost sacred. Because I believe in the ideals of the United States of America and the principles that our founding fathers set forth to govern this great country I am greatly concerned by the appointment of any Supreme Court nominee.

I am deeply concerned by the nomination of Elena Kagan for Supreme Court Justice by President Obama. Here are four reasons why:

#1. She is an Obama appointee. His choices have not been good so far and his approval rating illustrates his disconnect with the rest of the country.

#2. She is a liberal and not just an average liberal but a liberal from the ivory towers of academia.

#3. The Obama administration is carefully showing the public only what they want the public to see about Elena Kagan’s history of thought which would give us a better understanding of what her liberal ideals look like politically. Y.ou only hide what you don't want seen.

#4. What’s behind the curtain? Senator Tom Daschle advised then Senator Obama to run for president in 2008 because if he (Obama) waited until 2012 his record of voting would be too well documented. That is deception, that is dishonest. Now, President Obama is doing the same thing with information about Elena Kagan. What don’t they want the American public to know about Elena Kagan?

That’s what I say, what do you say?

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