Monday, June 21, 2010

Coffee Bandits

In my home town a couple held up a locally owned fast food restaurant using a knife and a pot of coffee. The husband and wife team created a disturbance, went behind the counter and opened the cash register. Next, they then grabbed a pot of hot joe and warned the patrons to stay seated or someone would get poured. After fleeing in their vehicle with trailer in tow, they were quickly apprehended by our local police’s finest. The good news; no one was scalded.

Wasn’t it Forest Gump’s mom that said, “Stupid is as stupid does?” So that was their plan? “OK honey, you create a diversion. I’ll jump over the counter and grab the loot and a pot of hot coffee. We’ll get in car with the trailer and make a run for it. We’ll cash, coffee and run!” I wonder if they could have made it if they would have used hot tea?

Too bad the old show World’s Dumbest Criminals is no longer on, this would make a great episode.

I not sure what to say after that, how about you?

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