Thursday, June 24, 2010

Toy Story Life Loop

I took my family to see Toy Story 3 a few days ago. Disney and Pixar did a great job with it. Going to see the movie was a special kind of déjà vu for me. When the original Toy Story first came out I was dating my wife. Her two boys were about the same age as our two younger children are now. The older boys still remember going to see it on a school night, so it was a special treat. It was a good night, followed by many more.

Our two oldest boys are grown, one has finished college and working, the other is working and going to college. In a modern world sort of way like Andy, our family has grown with the Toy Story saga. My wife and I have enjoyed the Toy Story movies with our older and younger children and the older and younger kids have a connection through time in of all things, an animated picture.

Thanks to Disney and Pixar for doing a great job of tying it all together.

Life is good…how is yours?  

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