Friday, June 25, 2010

Another Fundamental American Belief at odds with Obama agenda

Apparently religious freedom is a deterrent to the current administrations outreach to Muslim governments, obtaining China’s cooperation and the advancement of gay rights.

In an article in the Washington Post Thomas F. Ferr desribes the apparent predicament, “The Obama administration seems to have decided that other policy initiatives -- outreach to Muslim governments, obtaining China's cooperation, advancing gay rights -- would be compromised by vigorous advocacy for religious freedom. In fact, such a decision would harm the victims of religious persecution, hamstring key Obama initiatives and undermine U.S. national interests.” (See the whole article at

It is one thing to have a different belief or even be an atheist but to think that advancing religious freedom would help the cause of freedom in general? The very thought of bowing to radical Muslims, taking the knee to China and placing gay rights on the top shelf of American policies is so crazy, so foolish, so…I don’t even know if it’s leftist or socialist. I do know it is not American.

Religious freedom is freedom to believe. One problem that may be escaping many people is the loss of our countries founding beliefs. The Creator that the founding fathers alluded to that endowed us certain unalienable rights was the God of the Bible. That belief system holds that all people are created in God’s image, which establishes value to all people. The rights that all people have are unalienable rights regardless of governments, kings, presidents, or dictators. If a president does not believe the fundamental beliefs of out founding fathers and believes that they are above them, who knows what will come out in policies and programs. Perhaps we are beginning to see a few.

To not advance religious freedom because to do so might hinder dealings with Muslims, China and gay rights is simply shooting America in the foot politically.

That is what I think, tell me your opinion.

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