Friday, June 25, 2010

The sun sets on Puesta del Sol

Victorville, California: Parents Brawl disrupts kids' graduation (AP)

I am not surprised by the "dispute in the desert." I am not shocked that there was a brawl at a graduation among some parents that had a disagreement. I wish I could say that I was taken aback that it occurred at a kindergarten graduation, but I am not. Twenty-one plus year in public education makes me a bit jaded. I once saw two ladies ram each other with their new Cadillac Escalades within feet of elementary school students, a few of which were their own!

I am a bit curious about why there was a scuffle, I must admit. Was it over parking? Was there a problem with someones hat being somewhat obtrusive? Maybe it might of been over seating. Who cares, these people should be arrested and prosecuted because my experience tells me two things; 1) this will just be the beginning of "issues" with these people and 2) the blockhead doesn't fall far from the cliff. Better to deal with these loons now and let them know (via experience) that there will be consequences for such selfish thoughtless behavior.

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