Monday, June 28, 2010

What’s Important to Me and to You

I was thinking about the blog. What do I really enjoy talking about? Somebody said that you should never talk about politics or religion because it would just lead to an argument. My response, “What’s left to talk about?” I mean what influences your life and what is your reaction to life?

To me politics influence all our lives because the policies and laws we live under set boundaries, to some degree, on the quality of life we can live. If I make $50k per year and my taxes are at 30% that means I have $35k to live on. Now when one political party (I won’t say their name but their initials are the Democrats) uses terms like, “the redistribution of wealth,” when referring to usage of my tax dollars I wonder why I need to have my “wealth” redistributed. So, how much I pay for taxes is an important issue to me.

Lately, my freedom of speech has become an even greater concern because of certain “fairness” laws having to do with “equal” air time for liberals and conservatives. In the free-market place of radio and TV I am not sure I see much equality. I think AM radio has become a great outlet for conservative thought and opinion, much to the chagrin of liberals. I think it just chaps liberals hides that the American public would much rather listen to conservative ideals than liberal dogma.

Now, for religion; I just love talking about religion but just haven’t been able to work it into my blog enough. To me a persons faith, whether in the existence of a god or not, determines the values that one has. For example, I believe that we were all (even people who annoy me) created in the image of God, the God of Judeo-Christian belief. I believe that the mannishness of man (see Francis Schaeffer) which is our capacity for both good and evil is best explained by the Bible. Now, you may think I am a kook and an ignorant uneducated zealot for believing that, but I have yet to hear a decent explanation for mankind’s personality. I know a few claim that evolution has produced these traits in us to help us survive, but that takes a bit more faith, without reason, than I can muster up.

That is what is important to me, what is important to you?

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