Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cannon Fire for 1-8-11

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How are the reforms going in his schools?
No big difference.
The take over groups hiring practices are racist and foolish. (Look up one of his schools and check out the "diversity.")
Just like THE DISTRICT he does not get it.
You can hire people who you think "look" right, and hire young teachers you think you can  mold. But, good teachers are good teachers no matter if they fit your desired mold or not.
Most importantly, if parents are not engaged in their child's learning from birth, schools will fight an uphill battle.
This is just a money and power grab. Union activist = con man.

Arnold S - Good bye and good riddance!
Thanks for leaving the state in such a pitiful state that JERRY BROWN looked good enough for Californians to vote in.
Thanks for working with the state legislature to move so many jobs and businesses OUT of California.

So, the brainless surgeons in our state have decided that they need to control my donut intake, yet allow criminals to steal over twice as much before facing serious justice, if you would like to call a P Harris led state serious on justice.
God save us all.

"He warned Californians not have any illusions that the deficit could be closed by making government more efficient. "It is far more than waste and inefficiency we have to take out," he said." - Well, let's start there Gov. Brown and see how serious you are.
Hold on to your wallets Californians!
Being one of Jerry's kids will mean WE sacrifice, not government.
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