Tuesday, November 2, 2010

No Tax Tuesday: This Voter Does Not Approve

Jerry Brown has said, via annoying commercials, that he believes that California has to live within its' means and no new taxes without voter approval. Since that very statement implies two things that confirm to me what Jerry Brown has always been about is what Jerry Brown will always be about. Taxes and spending every single penny there is and more. I, the voter do not approve. No, on Jerry Brown.

Barbara Boxer is Barbara Boxer. All throughout her campaign she has stressed that she creates jobs. Really? Where? When? What specific jobs is she referring to? The facts are the since 2005 over 1.2 million Californians lost their jobs. Barbara Boxer has been in office since, what 28 years ago, 1982? Her green agenda, as demonstrated by the largely media ignored smelt fiasco shut down a huge part of the central valley which is farming, which is a major part of the California economy. Barbara Boxer is not only a job killer, she is an economy killer. I, the voter do not approve.

Gavin Newsom...Mr. "Whether you like it or not" is definitely a not. Newsom and his liberal Democrats keep saying that what I want as a Californian in "clean air, clean water and no offshore drilling." Hello, McFly! Californians want jobs, less taxes and less government control. I, the voter do not approve of Gavin Newsom.

Maybe I am being repetitive but, I hope my fellow Californians will not approve of the way the Democrats have driven our state into the ground and blamed everyone else but themselves.

On this No Tax Tuesday, show your disapproval of the Democrats and career politicians and vote them out.

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