Friday, November 5, 2010

Flush 'em Friday

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My fellow Californians! The rest of the country goes right and we stay to the left. What is wrong with you people!?

They say that socialism works great until you run out of other people's money. Wake up California! You ran out of money!!! But no, my fellow Californians want to just keep spending. They remind me of a fifth grade girl I once taught. When discussing jobs and money received for services she said, "No, you just get your money." I told her money doesn't just come out of nowhere for no reason and she said, "It comes in the mailbox on the first and the fifteenth." Yes she was a generational welfare recipient. 

Californians have been hard hit by unemployment, city governments out of control, and a state legislature that had led us into this depression we are in. Our senators, representatives and mayors have proven over and over their ineptitude and yet we voted them in again. 

We voted in (again) Jerry Brown who's first option is to seek our approval to raise taxes. He has already alluded to the fact that Californians may not be in the mood to take on more of a tax burden. Just that it crosses his mind demonstrates that his preferred method of raising tax revenue is by taxation, not my allowing businesses to flourish and thus create more jobs. And what kind of jobs is moonbeam thinking about? Jobs connected to the supposed stimulus bill. Jobs like building roads. That is temporary. That is not a business that  will supply jobs on an ongoing bases. 

The question is will Californians realize by the next election that the liberals polocies of the Pelosi's, Brown's and Boxer's have destroyed jobs and created none.
Flush the following:
Jerry Brown
Barbara Boxer
Jane Harman
Maxine Waters
Nancy Pelosi
Gavin Newsom
California voters...
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