Saturday, November 6, 2010

Loose Cannon Fire 11 6 10

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Brown is a Democrat. Whether he asks voter approval or not, his preferred method of increase state cash flow is to tax the crap out or the populace. More tax means a lower standard of living for all tax paying citizens.

Respectfully, Rabbi, you have done an excellent job of manipulating the Scriptures to say what you want. The passage does not state or imply that any belief is just as acceptable to God.
Remember, Rabbi, you are not accountable to me, but to the One True God who will not share his glory with another.

That is why every Californian should vote Republican , jobs!
Democrats don't create business or jobs, they create government bureaucracy!

When will the liberals get it correct? There is a difference between legal and illegal, and between legal immigration and illegal immigration.
Emotionalism does not help it only confuses issues. It is relativism on a poster.
Illegal is illegal.

OK California. Do not approve of more taxes, more government control, and less real jobs.
No on Brown, Boxer, Newsom and all things Democrat.
Vote yes for Whitman, Fiorina, Maldanado and all things conservative.

[QUOTE who="A voter"]Good to see Brown got it.. True, he aint perfect, but much better than Meg "white" man. She was trying to buy the election to no avail. Her plans were to make her deep pocketed freinds richer. She would have been bad for us. Good luck brown, you have lots of work ahead of you..[/QUOTE]
Wait until you discover that every tax against the "rich" will hurt you more. The death tax will still be taxed upon the middle and lower tax brackets. It is nice of you to donate your lives earnings to the government "redistribution" agency.

Brown claimed victory, saying he still had a "missionary zeal to transform the world" and that he would work on public education and renewable energy.
How about jobs, Jerry? Transform us into what? Start the impeachment now!

Proposition 25 allows the Democratic legislature to ramrod through any dumb budget they want. Get ready for taxes hidden as fees and the like. Hopefully proposition 26 can allow conservatives some ability to save the state from taxing itself into oblivion.

No Child Left Behind is just Title 1 with teeth.
The senators and representative failed (again) by not trying to adjust the goals of NCLB.
The POTUS has already thrown out the baby with the bath water by creating his Race to the Top program.
I have been in education for 22 years and have 4 children of my own. One truth that is unquestionable: Good parents produce good children.

Brown, Boxer, Newsom, a simple majority to pass any moronic Democratic led state legislature budget? Good buy business, good buy jobs.
Into the abyss we go.

I hope the POTUS is truly ready to listen to the ideas Republicans have been saying for years about how to lower insurance cost. But, it sounds like more BS to me.
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