Friday, September 10, 2010

Pastor Jones vs the POTUS

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It looks like Pastor Jones was able to do something our spineless Castro want-to-be president was unwilling to do; find and talk to a Muslim who agrees with the rest of America that a Mosque near Ground Zero may not be a good idea, religious freedom aside.

Would you put a strip club next to an elementary school? No, because it would be entirely inappropriate, basic common sense. If I need to explain it to you, you are probably a leftist. Go to the closest shooting range and offer your services as a target.

Seriously,  does the POTUS and the leadership on the left really believe the majority of Americans, Republican or Democrat think "religious freedom" does not include some good old common sense? It does not look like the Left believes in common sense not do they truly believe in the freedom of speech.

Here's the deal; it is a true exercise of freedom to be a Christian yet, it is not an exercise in freedom to blow up people who think differently than you on something like abortion. In the same way, anyone has the freedom to believe as a Muslim, but, it is not freedom to be a radical Jihadist that believes in destroying anyone who does not follow Muslim beliefs.

Simple. Why is it confusing for Democrats?
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