Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sticks and Stones from the Left

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The Dems are resorting to school yard tactics already.
In his introduction of Kaine, Pennsylvania Gov. Edward G. Rendell (D) ridiculed Republicans, saying the GOP is being run by "fruit loops." "It's a party that's slowly but surely being taken over by wackos," he said. "They're nuts. They're flat-out crazy."

What do people do who don't really have a reasonable or logical argument? They yell louder and call names. What do we see the Democrats doing now? Yelling louder and calling names. I mean really, the party that houses Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, and champions abusers of their calling like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, is calling Republicans wackos?

Need I remind us that the President of the United States, a Democrat, was mentored by a truly wacko "pastor" of epic proportions. As a community leader the President cut his teeth using the "Rule for Radicals" approach outlined and taught by Saul Alinsky. These are not people who are just a little to the left of the mainstream of America, these are hard core dissidents who disagree with some of the basic ideals of our founding fathers.

There is a reason Americans don't knowingly vote for people that far to the left. We are not socialists. We believe in a free market system. The press needs to fulfill their true function and report the truth, not what they want, as the propaganda wing of the left, the citizenry to believe to be true. 

On the schoolyard trouble makers love to one student that another said something about their mama and doesn't like them. They do it because they can manipulate those they think are not that smart. the left does not believe we as Americans are all that smart or capable of maintaining our own destinies. the lefts leadership believe we need them to raise our children, manage our money, and choose who should be in power.
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