Monday, September 13, 2010

Say what, Vern? I mean Mr. President.

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It is almost comical what I hear coming out of Presidente Obama's mouth. We always hear Democrats pontificate and give lip service to being champions of the poor. Yet, every policy they have seems to have the opposite effect.

The Associated Press stated, "The number of people in the U.S. who are in poverty is on track for a record increase on President Barack Obama's watch, with the ranks of working-age poor approaching 1960s levels that led to the national War on Poverty."
Now I know el Presidente will blame the Republicans and let off the hook the Democratic Senators and Representatives that were in the majority and who actually voted in the policies that are wreaking havoc on the economy. But, it has been over 2 years now and time to see some actual positive change, not just imagined or selective change. Not to mention time to man up and take the blame.

The best was the POTUS's comment:
"The most important anti-poverty effort is growing the economy and making sure there are enough jobs out there," Obama said Friday at a White House news conference. He stressed his commitment to helping the poor achieve middle-class status and said, "If we can grow the economy faster and create more jobs, then everybody is swept up into that virtuous cycle."
 Did the teleprompter break? He sounds like Vern (from TV commercial fame)with a comment like, "Not only did it rain, but it was powerful wet also." Yes, creating a climate for actual companies to expand and create actual jobs that produce actual products or provide actual services would OF COURSE be nice! And the idea that "everybody is swept up into that virtuous cycle" in an expanding market is way familiar! I believe that late President, Republican and free-market capitalist, Ronald Reagan called it "Trickle Down Economics."

The question is if is that just lip service campaign speech? Probably. But it will fool some of the people, will it fool you?
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